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In 1997, an 18-year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden named Robyn came onto the American music scene with a great song called "Do You Know (What it Takes?)." This American debut for the Swedish blonde is aside from her 1994 singing start back in her native Sweden. I remember in my younger days listening to "Do You Know (What it Takes?)" on the radio here in Houston. This Swedish singer has a great singing voice and a style all her own. You will get a chance to hear her music and have a listen to her music. This blog post showcases the great singing and cool music of Robyn.

--- Robyn ---

(Born: June 12, 1979)-year old Robyn Miriam Carlsson made her debut in the United States with "Robyn is Here" in 1997. I remember this because I got that CD as a birthday gift back in 1997 or 1998. Her singing career, though goes back to 1994 back in her native Sweden. Robyn's style of music is more along the lines of electropop. I even remember I've loved listening to Robyn. I was a 9th Grader at Milby High School here in Houston listening to "Do You Know What it Takes?" on 104.1 KRBE in Houston back then. However, my brother couldn't stand how her songs (at least from the "Robyn is Here" album) had such outdated sounding beats. What more people know Robyn for these days is her (pardon my language) "Konichiwa Bitches" album. This album is FAR from the music she debuted with for the United States.

Here is your chance to hear Robyn sing and check out some of her music.

Do You Know (What it Takes?).

This song was the first sampling of Robyn's music for most people (especially in the United States):

Show Me Love.

It is VERY important I mention two things before you watch this video. This Robyn is Robyn Carlsson, and this song bears absolutely NO relation to the 1993 house music classic "Show Me Love" from Robin S. I don't like this song all that much, but it's really one of her more popular songs. Have a listen:

Do You Really Want Me? (Show Respect).

This was one of my favorite songs from "Robyn is Here." It has a cute and fun style to it while having a fun beat to it. Go ahead- listen to this one! This is the American version (from what I've read on YouTube):

And as a bonus, here's the original video to this song. In preparing this blog post, I'm hearing this version for the first time ever:

Which do YOU like better? Still, I really dig this song. Still do.

Konichiwa Bitches.

One more song I'll feature here is a completely DIFFERENT Robyn from the three songs featured earlier. This is "Konichiwa Bitches." This is so freaking fun to listen to! Don't believe me? Check this out:

And if you're keeping score, it's supposed to be "konnichiwa" (with two "n's"), but that's just Robyn putting her own spin on things.

Call Your Girlfriend.

I will feature this video on behalf of my blogging friend, Danielle of "indie.electronic.alternative." I'm hearing this for the first-ever time, and this one is awesome. MUST listen:

To see more posts from Danielle's blog, visit (and follow and subscribe to) indie.electronic.alternative. Check out some of the many mentions to Robyn by checking out posts with "Robyn" on indie.electronic.alternative.

--- What would I Tell Robyn (if she were to read this) ---

Robyn, thanks for giving my ears something great to listen to back in 1997 and even today. You are a great artist. Keep up the great work!

Would I Want to Meet Robyn (if given the chance)?

Very much so.

There's your Robyn post from me. Want more? Here are more ways to show some love for Robyn and her music:

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Robyn on YouTube (a VEVO channel)
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Robyn on

(more links may be added in future edits)

Robyn on Amazon:

Thank you for reading!

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