Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Would You Like Some Dessert?

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You enjoyed your lunch or dinner. Would you like dessert? This blog post is a lighthearted topic for those of you who love a good eat. As you know, nothing makes a meal better than having some tasty dessert (if dessert is offered). You sometimes want dessert. Some other times, you don't even want to be tempted with dessert. How do you handle yourself in situations like this? It's rare I ask a question like this about any issues that aren't related to critical life issues. However, I want to know what you think on this.

--- Would You Like Some Dessert? ---

^ from: healthkicker.com, by way of xanga.com - Sweet endings to meals... would YOU like some dessert?

Why do restaurants offer dessert? Simple- they love you and enjoy your company. The offering of dessert is like a way to sweeten your eating experience. For most proper restaurants and eateries, this is like a way of saying "thank you" for eating at a certain eatery. Some places offer dessert for you to pick up as part of your meal (like buffet-type places). Some others ask if you want dessert. Most restaurants usually give people an idea of what dessert is offered as waiters/waitresses let you in on what is offered. It is the same reason why certain hotels and restaurants offer you mint chocolate and peppermint as you leave.

To me, I don't care much for dessert unless I want a sweet ending to a good meal. Whatever sweet offerings depend on how I'm feeling and what I feel like eating. A sweet ending for me would be some vanilla ice cream or a vanilla shake. I sometimes even enjoy some sweets or frozen cake as a sweet ending to a good meal. Some sweet endings to meals aren't exactly sweets, though. For instance, I love good hot apple pie from certain fast food restaurants.

I think we all are tempted to try dessert from places that offer dessert. This temptation to sweeten our eating with a sweet ending confounds some of us. It is the way we end our good eats. Much like every story is about an introduction, the body, and the conclusion; eating out is all about this combination: appetizer, main course, and the dessert. I think you should go for dessert if you want to finish your experience off right. Either that, or if you have enough money to get some dessert to complete your eating experience.

That's how I feel. I actually kind of thought of this blog post when I'm with my family eating out sometimes. So tell me (don't be shy!)- do you go for dessert? Are there certain times where you want dessert? Hope you enjoy this blog post! Thank you for reading!

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