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"First!" Contests usually aren't held for posting the first comment on something. Prizes usually aren't offered for posting the first comment. I certainly don't care who posts first (or even last) on anything of mine I have no idea why people feel it is necessary or important to note being the first to post on something. What... do people think posting "first" or something like that is like a contest on the radio where a certain caller wins something? Or maybe somebody fears that he/she will lose the opportunity to talk about something while comments are open, so they decide to be one of the ones to quickly post about something before it's too late. Regardless, just typing "first" really disrupts the flow of an otherwise useful and discussion-worthy piece of material. Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

first comment YouTube
^ "Yay! I posted the first comment!" But honestly... who [expletive] cares who posts the first comment?

Why do people often frown upon typing "first" (or any other number) when making posts? Well, first off... nobody cares who comments first on something. When you have a chance to discuss something or share your thoughts on something, you're disrupting the flow of something by posting something as bogus as "first" or some other numbered comment. Most people can pretty much count for themselves, so no need to count up how many comments are posted. Simply typing "first" for a comment is almost as much damaging as spam.

More importantly, just typing something like "first" means you paid no attention to what a video was about and simply found an opportunity to jump on and type nonsense- just like people (or bots) who post suspicious comments with suspicious backlinks. If you're going to talk about something, at least make your time useful. At least make yourself useful. Don't ruin the experience by typing something stupid like "first" because nobody cares who makes the first comment on something. As long as people are interacting with something, that's all that matters.

Why would you want to waste your time in whatever spotlight you think you have by lowering yourself to just saying "first?" Take it as a life lesson- when you have a chance to do something magical, you'd be a fool to completely waste your golden opportunity by doing something pointless/stupid. So make it count when you step up and speak up!

I don't (and will never) host contests or offer prizes for people who post first on anything of mine. I care more about getting responses from people rather than always wanting the first commentator to step up. Anyone who posts their ideas about something is only making me happy because at least people are talking about something. But if you're going to comment, at least post something useful. That's all I (or any other publisher that allows for comments/discussion) ask for for any published material where discussion is allowed.

IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED: I discussed this topic a LONG time ago on YouTube here: "First?" on YouTube, courtesy of JohnMarineTube (me)

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