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(UPDATED: November 29, 2017)

When you feel homesick, you miss being home. You feel like being home rather than spend another day away from home. Some people are away from home mostly to handle business. These include certain jobs or school/college. Sometimes, we wish we could be at home especially when being out and about isn't very pleasing. I think about this sometimes with people like truck drivers, certain entertainers, and especially active members of the military serving away from home. Just the thought of being away from home for a long while will bring some people to a bit of sadness.

Allow me to express this point before I get to the real matter of this blog post:

If you or anyone you know have been homesick or are homesick, I hope my blog post can help you feel better with various resources and thoughts. I care about all of my visitors and want you all to feel better if you are down. Please enjoy this blog post.


NOV 29 2017 - multiple edits, including look of post

Homesickness at a Glance

^ from: calonst.wordpress.com (best I could find) - Being homesick is an emotional attachment to home. The comforts of being at home can contribute to being homesick when we are away from home.

If you feel homesick, you often wonder how your friends and family are doing back home. You know you have business to attend to and take part in. Only thing is, you tend to worry about being home- where there is comfort, happiness, and where you are better connected to those you love as opposed to being totally alienated or isolated. Most people become too indulged in the comforts of home. Being too indulged makes us miss being home. Homesickness can lead to depression and anxiety. You know you are out and about because you have a job to do. However, you really feel like there are external (and even internal) influences that make you feel like you'd rather be home than work on whatever you are working on away from home. Homesickness is a feeling that can really bring anyone down.

What if you have to give up being around your lover/spouse and child(ren) due to homesickness? These things can really contribute to homesickness as well. Your compassion and love for others can make you feel like being away from them is terrible. If your job involves being away from home to provide for your family, being homesick is a deterrent because you have an occupation or an obligation that takes away from you constantly being your lover/spouse and/or your child(ren). Almost a tough reality about certain occupations.

Being homesick affects EVERYONE. Not many people can honestly deny they would rather be home rather than be out and about all the time for extended amounts of time.

Homesickness: Individual Cases

Here are some individual cases of being homesick and thoughts on each.

Homesick: Students.

When I used to be a student at Lamar University (Beaumont, TX, USA), I had a number of problems to where I missed being back home in Houston. Being depressed or feeling lonely can make you feel more and more to want to be home. Most people usually try every so often to return home or talk with friends and family back home each chance they get.

Homesick: Truck Drivers.

Truck drivers have an important job to do- go from location to location delivering goods and going around the country. I often wonder how truck drivers (especially those that go around the country) feel having to go out for a long time delivering things while not entirely feeling homesick. Good thing about this is that you are going around the country and seeing the rest of the country. Bad thing is, you sometimes wish you could be at home more to be with your family or your spouse. But again- you have a job that you take so seriously that a job seems to outweigh being with family. And if you don't make the money or complete the task, then it will be tough to provide for your family as you miss home. Various links I've found online have some truck drivers concerned about being depressed and anxious that they quit being truck drivers. Truck drivers who have been away from home for so long certainly know this feeling.

Let me share with you something I read on an online message board. Here is what one person stated online as to why he quit being a truck driver:

"...I quit because I was homesick. I had depression and anxiety and after driving for 10 hours everyday I would go to my sleeper berth and cry because I missed home."

I honestly really think about truck drivers in this respect. Their job is important, but how do they handle being away from home (especially those who are constantly out on the road)? Makes you appreciate what all truck drivers do when going around the country.

Homesick: Military.

I become even more worried about those in the military involving being homesick, and their job is even more important than the truck drivers I mentioned previously. Being in the military- especially as an active member- comes with greater risk. Some soldiers may never return home or be killed in action. But again, the desire and appeal to be home becomes an issue. I have never served in the military. However, being in the military is a serious job and a serious responsibility. You are subject to some situations and environments that can be infinitely much harsh than almost anything else you've experienced previously.

It does become a refreshing feeling when you're able to communicate with friends and family in saying that you're alright and well while actively serving abroad. Something like this can be great especially knowing you are in hostile territory or in a seemingly insane environment. One article I read online stated that the best way to handle homesick military members is to simply send them home. I even read that some soldier who get to be homesick sometimes become suicidal because of their homesickness.

JUST SOMETHING I WANT TO SAY QUICKLY: I would like to salute and honor all of the men and women serving in the various levels of the United States military. Thank you for all you do to defend our country home and abroad.

Being homesick affects many people in many ways. These were just a few examples.

Homesick Resources

Are you or someone you know homesick? I have pulled a few different resources from off the Internet to help you out. I hope you can use these resources and more to help you out (WARNING: some of this material may be outdated and links may not work):

Homesickness is a longing to be near your sources of happiness
Lee's Homesickness As A Military Man Reflects Today's Soldiers' Feelings
Homesickness - kidshealth.org
"It's My Life . Friends , Summer Camp . Homesickness" - pbskids.org

"6 ways to deal with being homesick at college" - xatal.com
College Student Homesickness - About.com
Homesickness isn't really about 'home' - CNN Health

No Need to Be Homesick – Local Trucking

How to Deal with Homesickness at Basic Training - militaryspot.com

I hope I can find more resources for people taking on homesickness. I really want to feel like I am actually helping people rather than just post a bunch of stuff online expecting people to care.

People, this goes to show you that even when preparing blog posts on certain topics, I often feel the pain most others have in regards to a certain topic. I have felt some pain just thinking about what people go through in some of the many Life Issues and Love and Relationships topics I post about. Doing posts like these reflect the passion I have for giving out useful and important posts that people can relate to. I even wanted to cry at one point when I've read some peoples' stories online about feeling homesick or making someone homesick. If ever you question my passion and heart to post about certain topics, just know this- I do have passion and love for what I post about, even with the shakiest and most controversial or embarrassing topics. I post for the Internet; not myself.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post. You may even offer this post to other people to maybe offer some support to them. Hope all of you who are homesick can feel better and return to normal. Thank you for reading. Take care and be well, please.

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marina miouprincess said...

Hi Jonh,very interesting post! I have to be away from home due to my job,this is the 4th year now and I don't really feel homesick so much as I feel SICK OF BEING away! enough is enough! If I was in a bigger city than my own it would be ok but since I have to be in significantly smaller towns than I'm used to,it is really hard. I've come to a point that  almost can't take it any longer but it's a combination of things;missing my family and friends,not being able to do all the stuff you get to do in a big city and last but most important the 50% decrease!!! in my salary that happened overnight and makes life as I knew it a thing of the past! So,it's not just homesickness but practical matters that make me wanna scream I WANNA GO HOME NOW!!! (in Greece people working in education have to work wherever the state send them every year whether it's 500k or 1000km away from home!,they don't know where they'll end up each year and apparently don't need any money too,they must all be filthy rich and working in education to kill their time!!! so let's cut back on their salaries a ridiculous 50% with no prior notice! who cares if they have rent or mortgages,etc.??!) ...the whole situation is daunting but I'm home now for Easter holidays at least,yay! :) xo

Gabriella Cozza said...

I've felt a little homesick after about 2 weeks of being in Italy on vacation.  I love it there, but you always miss family, friends, and your home.  Nice post. :)

GlamChameleon said...

John this is so pretty, supporting and encouraging post!! I'vem moved from Serbia more than one year ago to Greece, and I'm going few times per year to see my parents and friends... I found myself in your text!:) Happy Thursday!

Dominika :) said...

I am lucky enough because I am a high school student still living at home with my parents. I do feel homesick at times when I go on various trips abroad. I simply cannot imagine my life next year, after I move out and go to the university, preferably abroad... Even though I'm really excited at the same time to start my own independent life. I guess it all has both pluses and minuses. :)


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