Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Last Day of School

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A long semester or school year has to come to an end. Enter- the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Most of us just want to be done with school or college so we can enjoy living again. No more homework, no more studying for something, just rest. Trust me- I've longed for these days back in grade school and college. It meant I could get into staying up late at night. I could play games without having to worry about studying for a test or writing something up. Knowing the last day of school or college is eminent just gets me to feel better after a seemingly long time having to learn as much as I can. If you have to wear uniforms, it means you can go back to wearing your normal clothes and not have to worry about constantly dressing up all nice for school.

The psychology of the last day of school or college is that you've taken a beating academically. The only thing separating you from borderline delirium is a long break from school/college. Of utmost importance is to remain focused throughout the duration of your time in school/college for the semester or school year. You are still going to need to do your best in school, but don't lose focus. You still have work to do, assignments to complete, tests to take, maybe even have to worry about your Finals. STAY FOCUSED!

Another psychological aspect of the last day of school is that you may be around your friends and classmates for perhaps the last time either for a while or ever. So unless you and your peers are close, you may be around certain people for the last time. This day and age is so much about social media that it is still possible to remain linked to those who you care about. Most of my past related to sharing E-mail addresses. I was never a phone person, so I didn't care about calling up old friends much. I'm using Myspace and Facebook to try to reunite with old friends and former classmates.

While the last day of school can mean great fun and relief, it can also yield some less-promising behaviors. For example- the last day of school can present some students (especially in grade school) pulling extreme pranks or initiating a serious fight. I know there are times when I've heard of people who want to fight somebody so bad on the last day of school. Some people just feel the need to absolutely attack somebody on the last day of school, as if that person (or those people) may never get a chance to start a big fight against somebody. As far as pranks are concerned, the sky is the limit as to what students will try to do or bring to school to get on friends or classmates. I have thankfully dodged any sort of pranks. I'm not cool enough to be pranked on. :)

The most important thing to remember is that the last day of school is coming. You still need to stay focused on the task at hand. Have yourself that final stretch run to make the most of what little semester there is left. You don't want to stumble to the finish line hoping to start the off-time early now, do you? So stay focused and make the most of the final day(s) of school/college!

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Congratulations to all of you- you made it through another school year or another semester! Congratulations also if you are going to be promoted to a higher grade or if you are graduating or have graduated. Now go get yourself some rest- you deserve it!

What are some of YOUR last day of school memories? How did you feel about the last day of school? Let's start a discussion! Thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

great thoughts about the last day of school. are you in college right now? i'm not missing school at all!

John Marine said...

That was one nice post of yours, loved reading it, which reminds of how much I miss my school friends & everything about school. well, keep it coming & thanx for stopping by.:]

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