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Having anger is healthy. How you manage it, though, can make a big difference. Some people can manage being angry to where they get upset while not completely losing it. Some others... well, they'll go on tirades and don't want to be bothered. Some angry people can be violent and physically abusive. The scary thing about being angry is that a person has a certain capability of anger that we don't even know we have. It is like finding a beast within you that needs just the right cue(s) to be unleashed. And unfortunately, anyone in the immediate path may fear an angry person's wrath.

Here is a brief post of mine regarding anger. You are reading "John's Blog Space"- my main blog and the main space of my blogging universe.

--- Anger ---

Feel the need to vent? We all do. Anger allows us to unleash our pent-up frustration so that we don't let it consume us. One needs to be careful as to how he/she channels that anger, though. Anger can drive us to become extremely hostile and destructive when channeled improperly. Some people even break things around them or even do psychotic things like punching walls and glass. As I mentioned in the introduction, anger sometimes make us realize just how hostile and unstable we can be when pushed to the limit. Face it- you can be a very sweet person... until someone makes you extremely angry to where you become beast-like. You go from friendly to wanting to fight somebody. You go from humble to borderline psychotic.

In the aftermath of any extreme anger, we begin to realize what insanity we committed and begin to think: "I did THIS?" That is especially if you did something REALLY out of the ordinary while in (dare I use this expression playfully) Beast Mode.

Sources of Anger.

So what constitutes to being angry or going on angry spats? People may do these sorts of things that lead to being angry:

• violently screaming
• desire to inflict physical violence towards someone or something- even themselves
• becoming frustrated or annoyed
• seeking revenge against a loved one being hurt, injured, or killed
• being pushed around by peers or other people
• being dealt a negative or unfavorable outcome

Imagine taking all of these factors and still trying to suppress your anger as best as you can. It is never easy, but it can be done. It all depends on how much you are willing to make sure you aren't consumed entirely by your own anger.

Some Self-Admittance.

I will admit myself- I can be very angry when pushed just the right way. Being frustrated or rubbed the absolute wrong way (so to speak) results in me ready to lash out at someone or something. I can be hot-blooded despite being a mostly humble fellow. Naturally at times, I get to feel sad after being angry. As if I'm happy to get anger out of my system, but then enter this sort of "Recovery Mode" to return to my normal self. Everyone has natural reactions to almost anything- anger included.

Anger Management.

It is okay to be angry, but managing your anger is key. You may need to seek methods of anger management if you need help dealing with your anger. Got to learn to control that anger as best as you can. Need help managing anger? These are some of many online resources that may interest you:

Controlling Anger -- Before it Controls You (APA.org)
How Can I Deal With My Anger? (TeensHealth)
Managing Your Anger (About.com)
How to Manage Anger (Psychology Today)
Anger Management: Tips and Techniques for Getting Anger Under Control (helpguide.org)

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Randomness that makes sense. This has been a quick and casual blog post regarding anger. Hope you all have a great day. Thank you for reading!

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Sam said...

This was really great and informative reading, I don't get angry all the time but I do realise how it does affect some people and their entire lives and family members and friends. So right about managing one's anger!

John Marine said...

Wonderful post John!! I've been suppressing a lot of anger in my past, without even realizing it! Now I've learned to recognize and most importantly to accept all my emotions, both positive and negative ones and to turn them in a constructive way!
I love when you write about this kind of things, you always have something valuable to say!!!!!
Warm regards!!

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