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Petite Beauties - The World Tour!

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(UPDATED: June 18, 2015)

Short women; big beauty! You don't have to be average-size or tall to be beautiful. This blog post is all about the ladies who are short in stature, but big on beauty. These can range from celebrities to bloggers to YouTubers. This is a world tour with myself as your tour guide. :) You almost know what to expect if you've followed a lot of my past blog posts regarding Beauties. I'll be the one to put certain unlikely personalities among famous ones. Most of all, they are persons that I think are lovely. So are you ready for this world tour of petite lovelies? I knew you would be. So let's begin!

Before I begin, let me just say that I enjoy doing posts like these. I appreciate the amount of support I've received for my work in talking about these Beauties-themed posts.

A Special Hello...

I would like to send a special hello to all petites who may be reading this blog post. I hope I can do you all proud here. Are you a petite yourself and maybe think you are lovely enough to be included in my blog post here? Feel free to contact me online!

Important Note/Special Request

I try to respect privacy. I don't want to just haphazardly post someone in these posts all because someone admitted their actual height online. I will edit information on certain personalities if I feel I have violated their privacy or made them uncomfortable by disclosing height information. Please contact me via E-Mail if I did violate any sort of privacy. I will apologize in advance and edit the information to respect the privacy of certain people. Thank you for your cooperation.

This post also contains a bunch of YouTube videos, which may downgrade your browser's performance. Take note of this as you view this blog post.


JUN 18 2015 - edited material

--- Petite Beauties at a Glance ---

Little ladies; big beauty. That is the premise behind this blog post. There are some people who think that being short-statured doesn't equate to being beautiful. Sure, we are all attracted to women whose legs go for miles. We adore and admire those with elongated proportions of the waist or certain other parts of the body. We are all attracted to tall, average-size, average-height women. Some people, though, think certain short women aren't attractive, perhaps saying they are short and stumpy. Or maybe some feel certain women are attractive... until you find out how short they are.

A misconception about petites is that petite means being petite in height and size. Petite means petite in height. If you are shorter than the average-sized person, you're a petite regardless of your size. A five-foot tall woman who wears XL-size clothing is as much of a petite as a five-foot tall woman who wears XS-size clothing. So these are petites in the sense of being short. You can even be curvy and petite. Most of the petites I've made mention to are those who admit to being short.

I wanted to create this blog post to show that you can be short and still be beautiful. Some people often think that short women aren't as beautiful as average height, average build women. I wanted to post this blog entry to show even short women can be as beautiful as their taller and more lanky counterparts.

--- How This Post Works ---

What you will see are posts featuring several females below 5'6". All personalities featured here admit being shorter than 5'6" or at least admit being short/petite.

• 5'5" in. (165cm) or shorter

Post example:

FirstName LastName (Country/Nationality)

height: Feet'Inches" (or ###cm)

What you will see in this blog post are females as tall as 5'5" (or 165cm) or shorter. So in other words, you will not see names like (for example) 5'11" Taylor Swift or 5'10" Candice Swanepoel.

Listed sizes for each featured personality are in Imperial measurements. I will make an attempt to offer both Imperial and Metric measurements for each featured personality. All centimeter measurements are rounded to the nearest whole number.

--- Petite Beauties: The World Tour! ---

With all of this said, allow me to showcase petites whom I think are beautiful or worthy of mention. Let's go!

NOTE: Not all featured persons have height info disclosed. All are, however, are shorter than 5'5" (or 165cm) or shorter in height.

Madonna (USA).

height: 5'4" (or 163cm)
Who honestly has NEVER heard of Madonna? She's one of the single biggest influences in music and culture of all time. This "Material Girl" has had an extensive career in music as well as in acting. While she remains popular to this day, carrying on the generation of Madonna these days is her daughter Lourdes Leon.

It almost seems like I should feature this as part of "Wayback Wednesday." Anyhow... here is some vintage Madonna for your viewing and listening pleasure:

^ "Madonna - Vogue (video)"

I could have featured something fairly recent, but I chose this to showcase Madonna.

Danica Patrick (USA).

height: 5'2" (or 157cm)
Being 5'2" doesn't stop Beloit, Wisconsin, USA-born Danica Sue Patrick from being one competitive racer. She first turned heads in the racing world with her amazing performance at the 2005 Indy 500. Danica became the first woman to ever lead at the Indy 500 at any time. Unfortunately, she would finish 4th in that race. Danica would finally enjoy victory when she won at Twin Ring Motegi in 2009 in the IndyCar Series. That would unfortunately be her only victory in the series. Today, Danica is in NASCAR Cup. Her biggest accomplishment thus far in her Cup career has been winning pole at the Daytona 500. She has yet to win, but I think Danica will eventually win in Cup. I'm actually giving her a chance while most other people think she is an utter disappointment. You can play as Danica Patrick if you play the game "SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed."

Eva Longoria (USA - links to iMDB profile).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
Texas' own Eva Longoria hails from Corpus Christi, TX, USA. She is best known for her role in the hit ABC show "Desperate Housewives." This is a video sample of the lovely Texas girl:

^ "Eva Longoria's Health Crusade, Pt 1 The Dr. Oz Show"

Nikki Blonsky (USA).

height: 4'10" (or 147cm)
Many people know of Nikki Blonsky in the modern rendition of "Hairspray." This curvy petite is known by most people for her dating Zac Efron. Nikki Blonsky has taken on the roles of actress as well as singer. Most of all, she is fairly sweet and down-to-earth. How down to earth? Check out this video:

^ "Hairspray's Nikki Blonsky on the Pressure to Succeed | Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network"

I listed Nikki Blonsky among my "American Beauties: Northeastern" post.

Hayden Panettiere (USA).

Height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
I know very little of Hayden Panettiere- except (obviously) she is a petite. She is an actress who has lent her voice and personality to a variety of movies, TV shows, and even video games. Hayden has also done her share of music videos and songs. On the philanthropic side, Hayden is an activist who strongly supports The Whaleman Foundation- a non-profit organization to project sealife such as dolphins, sharks, and the like.

Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) (USA - links to Celebuzz).

height: 4'8" (or 142cm)
Perhaps one of the most famous Jersey Shore personalities is one Snooki. Whether you see her as lovely or ugly, Snooki is an absolute shortie. She is also the only other famous Jersey Shore personality that isn't J-WOWW. Researching this topic, I didn't know she was born in Chile.

Lady Gaga (USA).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
The Madonna of the 21st Century is Lady Gaga. Hardly anyone comes close to Lady Gaga in being one of the most unique, artistic, polarizing personalities in media today. The native New Yorker is anything but average. Despite being just over five feet tall, Lady Gaga's personality and charisma far overwhelm her petite dimensions. Besides music, Lady Gaga is never afraid to speak her mind. She is also a huge figure in the LGBT community. Haters of Lady Gaga once questioned whether or not she is a real woman after a certain video surfaced online with Lady Gaga at one of her concerts with... some questionable genitalia. Even still, she is one of the most unique figures in culture today.

America Ferrera (USA).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
America the beautiful. America Ferrera is best known for being Betty Suarez in the hit comedic drama "Ugly Betty." As an Ugly Betty fan, she (and this is my own opinion) is not really as "ugly" in Ugly Betty as she's made out to be in the series. The Honduran-American is only "ugly" to what most people would consider ugly (or at least unattractive. When not as Ugly Betty Suarez, America Ferrera is very beautiful.

^ "America Ferrera: 'People Laughed At My Sex Scene!'"

That was your look at the sweet petite known as America Ferrera. She became rather infamous for an incident at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival when a man dove under her dress.

Celeste Rose (USA).

(ADDED: November 29, 2014)
height: 5'2" (or 157cm)

I came across Sydney Celeste Rose (or just Celeste Rose) on LOOKBOOK when I saw one of her outfits. When I visited her official website, I surely levitated towards the North Carolina-based model. Needless to say... she's hot! Sydney has an unconditional love of performing and modeling. The Greek-American stands all of 5'2", but her beauty and talent go far beyond her petite frame. She does almost everything- model, act, sing, and countless other things. Have a visit to her website to see her pictures.

Sydney, of "Sydney's Fashion Diary" (USA).

height: 5'2" (or 157cm)
From one Sydney to another, one of the first petite fashion blogs I followed was that of Sydney's Fashion Diary. When I first started to follow this blog, it was then known as "PetiteLittleGirl." Sydney's blog is really one of my favorites since she's a keep-it-real kind of girl. She is very honest and truthful and doesn't give in to any sort of hot trends. The Ohio native/resident(?) proudly presents her style as well as focus on some life issues as part of her blogging content.

Jean, of "Extra Petite" (USA).

height: 5'0" (or 153cm)
Hailing from the Boston area, Jean of "Extra Petite" is a petite fashion blog mostly concerning classy and work-appropriate fashions for petites. Though I don't visit her blog often, I do respect the Chinese-American blogger for her highly for her style.

Annie, of "Stylish Petite" (USA/Vietnam).

height: 5'0" (or 153cm)
Annie hails from the Los Angeles area, but was born in Vietnam. I first visited "Stylish Petite" when it used to be known as "Really Petite." This blog is personally the petite fashion blog I visit the most. Annie demonstrates her style across her various blog posts. Most of her outfits are classy workplace-appropriate. However, she also incorporates some casual outfits into her posts. The beautiful Annie has a keep-it-real style all of her own with her various outfits. She smiles sweetly. Her chocolate brown hairstyle is as sweet as her style. She brings a certain je ne sais quoi to demonstrate her loveliness. I am personally a fan of Annie and her style.

Khatu, of "I am Khatu" (USA).

height: 4'11" (or 150cm)
"Beauty comes in small packages." So says one Khatu (pronounced: "kah-toh") from the Boston, MA, USA area. She is one of the shortest bloggers I follow here on Blogger/Blogspot, as she is 4'11". Most of her posts are straightforward- just mainly pictures of herself and details on some of the items she's wearing. Khatu is really a lovely lady who smiles very well and usually puts together some great outfits.

Kileen, of "cute and little" (USA).

height: 5'0" (or 153cm)
Kileen (pronounced: "kai-leen") is a Taiwanese petite who hails from the Dallas, TX, USA area. She has become a regular blogger even since giving birth to a baby boy earlier this year. Her blog posts are mostly about fashion. But in addition to fashion, she also shares certain insights on parenting and even some insight into her life as a mother. All the while, Kileen mostly shares a lot of chic and classy outfits. In addition to such classy outfits, she also has a good amount of casual outfits.

Ivonne, of "Ivonne Stacy Style" (USA).

Born in the United States and of Salvadoran descent, Ivonne Stacy is a fashion blogger hailing from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most of her outfits are rather colorful. A lot of her outfits mostly are trendy outfits of the cropped top + skirt variety. She does, however, mix things up very much. Take a look at her blog and savor her style.

Yi-Chia, of "Always Maylee" (USA).

height: 5"2" (or 157cm)
"Always Maylee" is a blog created by Yi-Chia. "Maylee" is Mandarin for "beautiful," and Yi-Chia is very much a beautiful petite. Cuteness is what you can expect to see with many of her outfits. You'll easily win her heart with polka dot garments. The blog is a positive space with so many cute outfits as well as so many chic outfits as well. She used to blog regularly, but she hasn't blogged too much in recent times as she recently became a mother to an adorable baby girl. In her Friday posts back in her more active times, Yi-Chia presents her "Love-It Notes," a collection of about three things she loves and loves to share each week. Once, she presented "Hate-It Notes" to vent about a few things. Anyhow, a visit to "Always Maylee" might just make your day. So visit already! :P

Adriana, of "Little Petite" (USA).

California-born, Arizona-based Adriana is the blogger behind "Little Petite." This petite Latina features some great style whether casual or chic. She has a sweet smile and some lovely hair. I'd say she's one of the most beautiful ladies anywhere online.

Haylee, of "dolledupdaily" (USA).

One blogger whose beauty has captivated me is Haylee of "dolledupdaily." Besides Taylor Swift, Haylee has some of the loveliest curly hair of any lady. I don't think she's disclosed her height.

Lily, of "Imperfect Idealist" (USA).

Formerly known as "A Burst of Color" and "Burst of Color," Lily Fang of "Imperfect Idealist" has been a blog and a blogger whom I've followed for a long time. This lighthearted and positive blog features the Ohio girl and her style. She defines her style as a fresh take on Bohemian fashion style. Lily provides both fashion insight and personal insight. You can learn from her life experiences by reading her posts. Visiting her blog is a great experience, whether just to gaze into her fashion insight or to take in some life lessons from this blogger. I salute her as an avid supporter of my work.

Jamie, of "the fancy teacup" (USA).

What makes Jamie's blog different from a lot of other fashion blogs is her editorial-style pictures. You almost swear you're reading a magazine rather than another average blog. She has very ladylike fashion style in her posts. Most of what you will see are mostly various skirt and dress outfits complimented with chic pumps, sandals, and/or boots.


Natalie Liao is a Chinese fashion blogger from a city as beautiful as she is- San Francisco, CA, USA. Natalie's style is both casual and vintage. She's long been the owner of a blog long known as "La Vagabond Dame."

Cassandra, of "Style Cassentials" (USA).

Height: 4'9" (or 145cm)
Earlier, I said that Khatu was the shortest blogger I've ever followed. That distinction of "shortest blogger" goes to the Midwestern beauty Cassandra, who is 4'9". In addition to being a short petite, she is also a curvy petite. So that means that in addition to being short-statured, there are also issues of looking stylish for your body type. Just like any other petite I've featured so far, Cassandra's beauty is much greater than her height. I first learned of Cassandra when I blogged about recording artist Bruno Mars. She was kind enough to comment, and when I visited her blog, I admired her for her style. I have long valued her cooperation and her involvement with my work and still do to this day.

Venessia, of "Style 4 Curves" (USA).

height: 5'2" (or 157cm)
Venessia is a plus-size blogger from Mississippi. She also admitted being 5'2". Her beauty goes beyond her short stature. Venessia has a cute curly hairstyle along with a sweet smile. A lot of her outfits consist either of wild prints or bold, bright colors. Venessia is quite the fierce fashionists. She'll let you know it for sure when you check out her many wonderful outfits!

Kimberly, of "Sensible Stylista" (USA).

Kimberly Kong is a fashion blogger based in the Baltimore, MD, USA area. This Korean-American blogger delivers big style despite being a petite. Many of her outfits are of the classy and chic variety. However, she does feature some more casual pieces. Besides fashion, she is also very big on classical piano music.

Clariza, of "Want and Wonder" (USA).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
"Want and Wonder" is the blog of a Washington, D.C. area fashion blogger named Clariza. This Filipino-American blogger admitted her height in a post in her blog. She is a sweet-faced lady with a nice sense of mostly casual style. There are a number of cute outfits she's posted online. Feel free to visit "Bowties and Caviar" to check out this petite beauty's style. This blog was formerly known as "Bowties and Caviar."

Alina, of "Style by Alina" (USA).

Though she didn't disclose her height, Alina of "Style by Alina" is a beautiful petite Vietnamese fashion blogger from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Bonnie, of "Glam Kitten's Litter Box" (USA - Honorable Mention!).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
Bonnie is a Midwestern girl from Illinois. Though she is 5'1", her beauty and her swagger far exceed her short stature. Bonnie no longer discusses fashion. Really, she hasn't blogged much in a while. But out of respect for Bonnie and her work, I'm including her blog here.

I guess I've had a habit of breaking up these Beauties posts between American beauties with other international ones. So this is a little break in the Beauties post. Beyond this break are more petite beauties from around the world.

Alexz Johnson (Canada).

height: 5'4" (or 163cm)
Alexz Johnson is a 5'4" superstar who is best known for her acting and her singing. Born in the Vancouver, British Columbia area; Alexz Johnson has a bold, yet rather sweet voice. I learned of Alexz from my blogging friend, Gabriella of "Principessa Gabriella," and she is a big fan of Alexz Johnson. I eventually went ahead and tried to learn more about her and post a blog entry on her. Alexz Johnson is the same height as Madonna. Here is a singing sample of this Canadian petite:

^ "Alexz Johnson | Walking | Official Music Video "

I blogged about her a long time ago. If you're interested in my very old post on her, check this out: "Alexz Johnson" (John's Blog Space).

Maria, of "HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS" (Panama).

Maria de la Cruz is the creative director of her own fashion line- HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS. This petite Panamanian princess delivers style that ranges from chic to edgy. Blog posts featured by Maria showcase her own sense of style as well as items available for the HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS fashion line. Usually, a lot of her posts usually feature a handful of edgy and bold elements. She has superstar beauty.

Camila, of "Camilascloset" (Columbia).

Height: 4'11" (or 150cm)
The very pretty Camila is from Colombia and is below 5 feet tall. She is, in fact, 4'11". Her style is very chic. Camila has certain classy outfits as well as some chic twists on casual outfits. She is someone with sweet fashion style. Don't take my word for it, though- see for yourself by visiting Camila's Closet. Though from Colombia, she's based in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Daniela, of "Nany's Klozet" (Venezuela).

height: 5'2" (or 152cm), but claims to be a bit shorter...
Daniela (better known as "Nany") hails from Venezuela. However, she is a Miami, FL, USA girl here in the United States. Beautiful hair, a sweet smile, and a diverse fashion style make her one of the most intriguing personalities in blogging and fashion in general. She admits being petite in stature. But of course, being short doesn't mean you should be short on beauty. And to be honest, she's one of the most creative and beautiful women anywhere in the blogosphere. I think Daniela has a lovely voice and a nice accent. Here is an example of Nany both in looks and sound:

^ "Nany's Klozet: 10 DRESSES FOR 10 HOLIDAY OCCASIONS! "

Alba, of "* Petit and Sweet Couture" (Spain).

Spanish fashion blogger Alba expresses her style in her blog and in her LOOKBOOK outfits. She is a very pretty lady with chic style. This fashion blogger hails from Galicia, Spain.

Morgane, of "Petite Versatile" (France).

This curvy petite fashionista from France stands all of 5'4", and her name is Morgane De Giro. I have featured her as a French representative of my world tour of petite beauties. Go visit her blog and check out her style.

Illy, of "CANDY GUTS" (Vatican City).

height: 5'0" (or 153cm) (ADDED: November 12, 2014)
At 153 cm in height, Illy is someone whom I came across and became fond of on the LOOKBOOK circuit. This pretty petite is a lovely lady. Pay a visit to "CANDY GUTS" to see Illy and her great style.

Mila Kunis (Ukraine).

height: 5'4" (or 163cm)
Jackie of "That '70s Show" to most people is Ukranian petite beauty Mila Kunis. While her character can be quite arrogant on "That '70s Show," there is no denying she is very lovely. Here is a sample of Mila Kunis:

^ "Mila Kunis on James Franco"

Olga, of "My Blonde Gal" (Russia).

Olga Choi admits to being petite. This Russian fashion blogger is based in South Korea. Her fashion style is charming whether with casual pieces or more classy numbers. I became fond of her style when I saw her charming face, lovely smile, and stylish hairstyle.

Laiqah, of "Lucky Loves" (South Africa).

Laiqah (also known as "Lucky") is a blogger from South Africa who has a very nice sense of style. This cute South African petite offers up a lot of interesting outfits ranging from casual to chic. This lady has a cute face and some nice hair. I've followed Laiqah's blog back when it was formerly known as "Lucky Packet." Be sure to visit "Lucky Loves" to check out this petite's lovely and varied styles.

Anupriya, of "Chappals and Stilltoes" (India).

One of the cutest bloggers from India is Anupriya of "Chappals and Stilltoes." She unveiled her own clothing line called HOWRAH BRIDGE some time ago. Anupriya is an absolutely cute petite. Her smile is so pretty along with her lovely hairstyle.

Veren, of ".a little princess." (Indonesia).

Veren Lee is an Indonesian fashion blogger. She was one of the first bloggers I followed when I was just getting into the general blogosphere in meeting fashion bloggers.

Lynne, of "Whatever is Lovely" (Philippines).

height: 5'3" (or 160cm)
Lynne Gabriel is a Houston/Galveston area fashion blogger born and raised in the Philippines. Before eventually coming to the Houston/Galveston area, she was in Miami, FL, USA. I first learned of her through Twitter. I later became fond of her fashion style as I began to see a lot of her various outfit posts. Lynne's fashion style is wonderful, as she usually sports a variety of lovely skirt and dress outfits. She may also change things up with rompers/playsuits and certain denim jean outfits. She provides lots of pictures to help you to gauge her beauty from various angles. Besides fashion, Lynne Gabriel is also accomplished in being an entrepreneur. She is the creator of her own line of fashion called Posh Society.

This blog was formerly self-titled ("Lynne Gabriel") until it was recently changed to "Whatever is Lovely."

Phylicia, of "Stylecentric" (Philippines).

Phylicia Pineda is a fabulous Filipino fashionista who shares her fashion insights in her "Pretty Ingenious" blog. I kind of randomly came across her as I was looking up girls wearing boat shoes. I since admired her sense of style.

Miss Kwong (Hong Kong - Honorable Mention!).

You may have seen me make mention of Miss Kwong. Well, the English teacher from Hong Kong is a stylish woman who expresses her style with both casual and chic outfits. I don't know how she's been lately, so I'm including her as honorable mention.

Yuki, of Roconamente, and of Cafe de Coconuts (Japan).

height: 4'10" (or 147cm)
Yuki is a little lady with big talent whether singing or strumming a guitar. This Japanese musician is half of the duo Roconamente, whom have won the J-MELO Rising Star awards multiple times. Nowadays, she is part of a group called Cafe de Coconuts.

LEN K., of "FETISH TOKYO" (Japan).

(ADDED: November 3, 2014)
Born and raised in my favorite city in the world- Tokyo, Japan; this fashion blog features a chic and stylish Japanese lady who wears a number of mostly chic outfits. She brings a warm smile and a natural personality to her outfits. This Japanese fashionista is certainly worthy of being among the many petite beauties who bring big style despite being short statured. She is also a fond supporter of my blogging work, so that is extra incentive as for me to include her. Visit her blog "FETISH TOKYO" and enjoy her work.

Kylie Minogue (Australia).

height: 5'1" (or 155cm)
The queen of pop music in Australia is Kylie Minogue. Despite her short stature, the Australian has had a very solid career in singing and in acting.

Natalie, of "LUCY AND THE RUNAWYS" (Australia).

Natalie Leung was born in New Zealand and based in Australia. She is the fashion blogger behind "LUCY AND THE RUNAWAYS." Her fashion style is fairly casual and also fairly tough. Natalie does get dolled up a few times with some pretty dresses and pumps.

I may update this post with a few more petite beauties. Stay tuned to this blog for updates! Petites who want to be featured and think you're lovely enough to be featured- contact me!

--- Special Request! ---

Are there any other petites you think I should check out? Or are YOU a petite who wants to be featured among the various petite women I've featured here? Remember- these Beauties posts are always works in progress. You may not know who else I may feature in these posts. So keep checking in from time to time to see if I add any other personalities!

Are there any others who you think are beautiful and should be among these personalities? If so, contact me so I can learn of these petites to possibly feature among my World Tour of beautiful petites.

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Thanks for supporting my work.

I hope I've shown that even with some of the gripes people may have against petites, I have shown they can be just as beautiful as taller and average ladies. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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Well, you have to know that I'm 1.53 myself, which is not that bad... especially when I make my own clothes and I can save some money on fabrics ahah

Thanks for all your kind comments anyay, you're always cheering me up

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