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Slouchy Boots

John Marine | 1/18/2010 08:15:00 PM |
Slouchy boots of various heights allow for a sexy look from the knees on down. Whether paired with jeans or leggings, slouchy boots allow for some breathable and stylish appeal for your lower legs and your feet. The right kind of slouchy boots can add to your overall appeal. Most slouchy boots kind of look like you're wearing crunched-up boots. However, their overall style impact can be incredible. It all depends on what you're looking for and what interests you. Another thing to consider is what you're wearing these boots with. I'll discuss as many things as I can in this blog entry.

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

--- What Slouchy Boots are Best for You? ---
The first thing to think of with slouchy boots is to go with a pair that you can build looks around. It's best to find a pair that will compliment your beauty and that you can confidently wear with your outfits. I am one for a pair of boots that are sleek in design. However, a good pair of slouchy boots can be both cute and stylish. Do you fancy slouchy booties or a slouchy pair of knee-high boots?

--- Slouchy Booties ---
A friend of mine (name undisclosed) works at Forever 21. I first started seeing pictures of her dressed up like the real fashionista she is. She first wore this black sequin dress and paired it with violet leggings and some slouchy booties. When I got to see those for the first time, I had to wonder who made those because they were lovely. The appeal provided by the slouchy booties along with the leggings gave her look an elegant appearance with style. In some later pictures, she'd wear this beautiful and frilly pink dress with some patterened stockings.

A plus to slouchy booties is that they can be worn about as confidently as pumps. But with their slouchy appearance, it's best you go with some short bottoms or dresses. Almost as if slouchy booties beg to be paired with leggings or short dresses. Same goes for classy short-shorts. Do some of you fashionable types want some inspiration? Here are some items I've found on Amazon that may spur your interest (please read the "An Important Amazon Note" for items I've mentioned here):

^ These boots are similar to the one my friend wears. I love the shape most. You can almost wear these as confidently as pumps. All that is needed is a good look to compliment them. A tunic and tights + these boots is just fine.

^ This is another cute pair of ankle boots. While not as romantic as the previous booties I mentioned, these are still very fun looking and lovely to wear. I finally want to give honorable mention to these ankle boots:

^ These aren't as romantic as the Nine West booties I've shown, but these inexpensive ankle boots are equally cute. Wear these with your leggings, short skirts, short dresses, or whatever you feel most happy wearing these with.

You can find (and even buy) more slouchy boots from the widget located at the bottom of this blog entry.

--- Taller Slouchy Boots ---
So you can't sport booties? You can always go with traditional tall boots. You can go with short dresses and skirts and even jeans to compliment these boots. You know, I've started to like the jeans-into-boots look more than I ever had. I'm not as critical of this look anymore. So I can freely discuss tucking jeans into boots (I even have my own blog entry on this look).

Slouchy Boots Into Jeans.

The one thing I would probably suggest is to look for a great pair of jeans to compliment a lovely pair of slouchy boots. While I love pants with more voluminous legs, slim or skinny jeans will work best here. I wouldn't even try going with a pair of capris or cropped pants to go with these slouchy boots. When I see jean legs tucked in, the look can be all crinkled up. Crinkled-up jeans with crinkled-up looking slouchy boots don't make for very lovely looks.

Here are some boots to look at for all of you into the jeans-into-boots look...

^ These boots are very fine to wear over your favorite jeans (assuming they are skinny or slim). The look of these boots is a slim appearance. It tends to be both cute and tough at the same time (without being overaggressive).

^ These boots are great to consider if you prefer more pirate-like boots. Their appearance as a whole will compliment your jeans with a lovely and sophisticated touch. These are more towards jeans-into-boots than for any other kind of look (like dress + boots, for example).

Tall Slouchy Boots + Above-Knee Skirts and Dresses.

One of my other friends (who is an aspiring recording artist) went with some slouchy boots to go with a dress she wore. If you're going to do slouchy boots with a dress, I'd go with slouchy boots that aren't too slouchy to where they are a mismatch with a short skirt or a dress. Something like these are just fine:

^ I'm big on boots with nicely-defined heels. These are no exception.

No matter what your preference in slouchy boots, there are many to choose from. Now before I close this blog entry, when I did my search on Amazon for slouchy boots, I want to give honorable mention to these boots:

^ How about a pair of tall slouchy boots that will have onlookers saying... "Hello, beautiful!" Either that, or... "hello, sexy!"? :) Well, there you are. Thank Jessica Simpson for these hot slouchy boots.

More slouchy boots of various varieties can be found in this widget below. Happy shopping! :)

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