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When you take a chance adding a bold color apart from mostly darker colors, you have one or more colors completely offer a diversion from the others. Think of wearing a black dress that has a bold color somewhere. Imagine having a dark violet blouse that has bright pink accents. In this blog entry, I'll chat about colorblocked garments. I'll even include some examples from Amazon where you can get some colorblocked garments of your own.

NOTE: a link to John's Shop Space is now available if you want to shop for colorblocked items I've found on Amazon. Read on towards the end of this blog post.

NOTE: This blog entry contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

--- Colorblocking at a Glance ---

Colorblocking offers a vibrant and dramatic appeal to garments. Some colorblocked garments offer different colors while carrying the same tone, and some other garments offer a dramatic and bold color to offset darker colors. There may be various colors that are colorblocked. Let's look at a few examples.

You probably have seen my blog entry when I praised maxi dresses. Here is a maxi dress that I thought was beautiful when I first saw it:

colorblock maxi dress
^ from: emmagem.com - A colorblocked maxi dress.

This is a maxi dress from DKNY. It's no longer sold or can be found online. Take note of the colors here. It's a dress that has a black top to it and a gray skirt portion to it. But below the bustline, a bold band of magenta offsets and (literally divides) the black and gray colors. This would be lovely if it were just all-black, all-gray, or all-magenta. The key to this dress' loveliness is the fact that the design takes a chance mixing in other colors for boldness.

Sometimes, as I've mentioned, there may be more than one color that makes bold impressions. Take this maxi dress for example:

colorblock dress
^ (from: elle.com) This dress has four different colors. It could be mostly monochromatic, but the peach-like color at the bottom of this dress offers some interesting color diversion.

--- What to Look for in Colorblocking ---

When wearing colorblocked clothing, I like when clothing comes in various colors that somehow comes together beautifully. Think of Betty Suarez in the amazing series "Ugly Betty." America Fererra is beautiful, but even when America plays as Ugly Betty, she still wears a bunch of garments that still come together nicely in a strange way. Don't pay so much attention to what is being worn. For the purpose of this blog entry, pay attention to the color combinations you sometimes see on Betty in Ugly Betty.

Besides dresses, you see lots of colorblocking with swimwear. A common color combination I've seen is when you have this brown color that's met with bright colors. Most commonly is brown and light pink. I've also seen brown and light blue, and even brown and light green. So lots of swimwear and beach-inspired fashion have those elements of colorblocking prevalent.

If you want to shop for colorblocked fashion items, all of the Amazon material I have posted previously can now be found on my alternate blog, John's Shop Space. Click on the text below to visit:

"Colorblock" (John's Shop Space)

Here are ALL clothes colorblock on Amazon:

If you like colorblocked items, here are some more recommended items for all of you. There are even some colorblocked items for men and children that I haven't mentioned. Happy shopping (and window shopping)! Rock the colorblock! :D

Thank you for reading!

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