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A staple of Japanese fashion is the kimono. There are many kinds of kimonos. I personally tend to like more traditional kimonos worn by females. What you're about to see in this blog entry is a combination of traditional kimonos and even kimono-inspired fashion (mostly kimono tops worn by women).

PERSONAL NOTE: Thanks to all of you who keep viewing this old blog post! I will work to enhance this post with more content for all of you in return for your viewing of this post. I hope you enjoy what I have for all of you here.

--- The Kimono at a Glance ---
There are different kinds of kimonos. Some kimonos (like yukatas and furisodes, for example) are for special occasions. Some kimonos are worn with hakama, especially for kendo or aikido training. Let's look at a few kimonos I've found online.

traditional kimono
^ from: - a traditional Japanese kimono.

Here is a beautiful blue kimono (did you know that blue is my favorite color?). Take note of the long sleeves. I personally tend to love sakura petal designs. However, I do love the floral designs.

(~~~ photo to be replaced ~~~)
^ from: ???

Here is a beautiful magenta kimono with various designs and accents on it.

Men's Kimonos.

While the kimono may be more traditional among women, here is a men's kimono:

kimono men
^ from: - a kimono for men.

This is a traditional kimono made for men. It's made by a company in Endicott, NY, USA named Kyoto Kimono; and it is specially made to suit the bodies of Americans. The style is classic and traditional. Honestly, this is the only men's kimono I could legitimately find online and the only one fitting for this blog entry.

Children's Kimonos.

There are even kimonos for children. Here is a girl's kimono:

girl kimono
^ from:

This is an adorable children's kimono. Most children wear these unisex kimonos called a hanten.

Kimono Tops.
Exclusively for women, there are certain feminine tops with beautiful bell sleeves. The reason they are called kimono tops are because the have the styling cues of traditional kimonos, but can casually be worn with any of your favorite garments ranging from jeans to various kinds of skirts. Here are a few kimono tops:

plus size kimono top
^ from: - a kimono top for plus size women.

This is a kimono top from Old Navy. Note the kimono style along the neckline and below the bustline. Also note the bell sleeves on either side of this top.

I may or may not cover kimono tops because this is primarily about kimonos. Not kimono tops.

--- Kimonos ---
NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item or even purchase these items if you so choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

This is where I normally post something online from Amazon. This time around, I will experiment on only using Enhanced Displays rather than just some pictures.

Traditional Kimonos.

^ Here is a beautiful silk kimono that comes in four colors with certain lovely designs. Since this is a silk kimono, I'd imagine this kimono to be a sexy alternative to a so-so robe.

^ This kimono has bamboo design.

^ Here is a short kimono that comes in three lovely colors. Beautiful sakura and bamboo designs accentuate this short kimono. You modeling girls out there can wear this kimono with a hot pair of high-heel pumps or sandals.

Non-Traditional Kimonos.

Now for kimonos of a different kind.

^ Ralph Lauren makes this men's kimono. This is a nice robe for all of you guys out there. Even guys need something stylish and comfortable to wear around the house. This kimono robe is not a bad choice.

^ This is a stylish kimono robe that's the feminine equivalent of the previous kimono robe.

Kimono Tops and Kimono-Inspired Garments.

I know this is on kimonos, but here are some kimono tops in case you ladies are interested...

^ Even without traditional Asian symbols or designs, this ice blue top is just beautiful. Take note of the beautiful drapey appeal of this top both at the sleeves and below the bustline.

^ Got a cute pair of dark blue or black jeans? This is your top to wear. You have to love the beautiful designs on this top. I'd probably go with a pair of very dark blue jeans and a pair of strappy high-heel sandals to top it off if I were a lady.

^ This is a kimono dress from Guess. It begs for pumps or sandals. This is not a bad dress to consider if you're preparing for the warm weather seasons. Then again, a lovely pair of knee-high boots would also be lovely with this dress. Rather than ruin it with sheepskin boots, go with a lovely pair of knee-high
slouchy boots.

No matter what you love in a kimono, there are various kimonos for multiple people. In case you're interested in more kimonos, please check out my search widget below. Thank you for reading!

Thanks to all of you for reading and keeping this blog post relevant and active!

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