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Keiko Matsui

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Keiko Matsui is the only other Japanese jazz pianist I know besides Chihiro Yamanaka. Chihiro Yamanaka's style of piano jazz is more traditional. Keiko Matsui, however, is more along the lines of smooth jazz and new age. The native of Tokyo, Japan makes music is more beautiful and peaceful than anything really funky or upbeat. Most of her music names are not anything really suggestive of anything funky. This is more beautiful music to enjoy rather than anything even remotely close to something you'd hear from Miles Davis, Larry Carlton, or any other smooth jazz heavyweight. The best way I define Keiko Matsui is a pianist who delivers lovely piano notes while also complimented by other lovely instruments and vocals.

So who is Keiko Matsui? Here's a picture of her below:

^ from: lansingcitypulse.com - Keiko Matsui's brand of smooth jazz also features elements of new age. She is one of my personal favorites in the realm of jazz for her beautiful piano songs.

--- Basic Thoughts on Keiko Matsui ---
I am not sure what was the first song of hers I've heard. I do know that one of her latest albums at the time was her Dream Walk CD. Perhaps the first song I remember hearing on the radio was "Bridge Over the Stars" from 1996 or so. Keiko Matsui has a love of nature and is very benevolent. It ties into her music in an unreal way. If you've never heard of her music before, let me describe to you what to expect.

Keiko's piano music is (for lack of a better term) music to your ears. You will hear some lovely background instruments playing, but the real star of her songs is her piano music. It has the power to move you and tap into your soul. You feel an elevated state of karma and peace as you hear her play the piano and with the other instruments providing a beautiful touch. Keiko's piano playing is the main course while the extra instrumentals are appetizers that leads to the main course served up by Keiko Matsui. She is the pitcher delivering strikes of awesome music while the other players help aid in run support.

I have only bought three of her CDs. If I can find them on Amazon, I'll share with you the ones that I have (and that you can buy if you like them too). I have "Collections," "Whisper in the Mirror," and "The Ring." I think while "Collections" is a great album, you don't get to hear too much of Keiko's piano play. The other two albums I have feature more of her amazing play. And I think over time, her music moved away from traditional smooth jazz to more natural and new age-style music.

--- What I Would Say to Keiko Matsui (if she were to read this) ---
I wish you the absolute best in your music and in all other ambitions. You do a great job with all of your music. Keep up the great work in all that you do!

If you're wanting to buy some Keiko Matsui CDs, please use this widget below to find some Keiko Matsui CDs:

Thank you very much for reading this blog entry! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading! :)
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