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Dr. Martens (or Doc Martens)

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(UPDATED: June 10, 2012)

Dr. Martens features the world's most popular industrial-type shoes. The British maker is celebrating their golden anniversary as their first shoe was released in 1960. I believe this is my first blog about any specific company or clothing line. Their footwear is worn by both males and females. They can be for the tough dude, the trendy girl, the girl who wants to mix girly cute with a tough pair of boots, and people like that. Founded in 1960, Dr. Martens is celebrating its golden anniversary. I will admit that I'm not really crazy about these boots, but I'll do my best to blog on these because I know there are people likely going to want to want their own pair of Doc Martens.

The Amazon items offered for Dr. Martens for Women have been updated. For more Dr. Martens for you to check out on Amazon, visit my John's Shop Space blog post on Dr. Martens.

Also, a blogosphere focus on Dr. Martens has been added.

--- What Makes Dr. Martens so Popular? ---

I have mentioned how these shoes have appealed to types ranging from the fashionable set to the more hard set. A usual pair of Dr. Martens are some industrial-type boots that are not just for the working set. There are also some Doc Martens oxford shoes. Females even have some Dr. Martens mary janes. Dr. Martens, then, are tough shoes for

Here are some Dr. Martens in pictures:

Dr. Martens
^ from: - a usual pair of Dr. Martens boots in multiple colors.

Dr. Martens oxfords
^ from: - Dr. Martens' oxfords.

dress with combat boots
^ from: - cute dress, tough boots. It's girly cute with toughness.

girly Dr. Martens
^ from: - Dr. Martens can have some intricate designs, such as these obviously feminine Dr. Martens.

Doc Martens mary janes /56521321-300x300-0-0_Dr+Martens+Dr+Martens+5026+Mary+Jane+Off+White+Wom.jpg
^ from: - Dr. Martens mary janes.

Hannah Montana in Dr. Martens boots
^ from:, by way of - Hannah Montana rocking a pair of yellow Dr. Martens boots. Perhaps my ultimate focal point of "girly cute with some toughness."

--- Dr. Martens Thoughts ---

I'm not crazy over these shoes. However, it doesn't mean I hate them. I'm just not that into them as many people are. It's like how I feel about Converses. So why did I create this blog entry? It's because I know there are people who like these shoes and want a professional blog entry done on these shoes.

--- Dr. Martens Around the Blogosphere ---

This section features Dr. Martens worn by fashion bloggers based on blogs I follow. Feel free to have a look around if you're a fan of Dr. Martens.

Inspiration: fallie.

The very young Estonian Tuuli of "Fallie's Scrapbook" did a nice starry-themed blog post as a 50th Anniversary deal for Dr. Martens. Check out these starry displays in "dream a little Dream" on fallie.

Inspiration: My Capacious Bottega.

To compliment a floaty top and some pants, some cherry red Dr. Martens were worn by Mulika. Milly shows you her style wearing some Dr. Martens boots. Take a look at "You make me like Charity" on My Capacious Bottega.

I've tried hard to find blogs where Dr. Martens is actually mentioned. And in this blog edit (Apr. 16, 2011), this was all I could find.

I'll be showing off some Dr. Martens shoes on Amazon that may interest you in the second half of this blog entry. The primary intent was to blog about Dr. Martens. If you'd like to buy some Dr. Martens, then the second half of this blog entry is dedicated to you. You can see if there are some Dr. Martens that interest you in this widget below. Use the "Recommended Search Terms" to change up the search text to whatever it is you are looking for based on what you've read here.

I would greatly appreciate your business if you shopped on Amazon using material posted in my blog to help you buy something based on what you've read here. I would appreciate it if you support my work any way you can.

Dr. Martens on Amazon.

Dr. Martens Men
Dr. Martens Women
Dr. Martens Kids

If you want to buy some Dr. Martens shoes, I am in the process of moving over my Amazon material to my secondary blog. "John's Shop Space" is my secondary blog that compliments John's Blog Space. If you care to shop for Dr. Martens shoes, it is recommended you click on the graphic below to visit my secondary blog. Most of the material after the Jump Break will no longer be available once I'm done making over my blog entries. So please click on the graphic below to visit my secondary blog and the corresponding entry on Dr. Martens shoes:

And to Dr. Martens, happy 50th Anniversary! Here's to 50 more years! Thanks to all of you for reading! Have a great day and take care! If you're on Facebook and love Dr. Martens, why not Become a Fan (Like) Dr. Martens on Facebook?

Thank you for reading!

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