Friday, May 11, 2012

Words Heal

John Marine | 5/11/2012 01:46:00 PM | | |
Some people think words can't heal. Some people don't believe prayer helps. The point of this blog post is to say that words can heal as much as they can easily hurt. When you can't help someone immediately with actions, words and text are just as helpful. The problem, however, is that we are an action society. We prefer quick action or quick justice. While it is true that words alone can not reverse any wrong, they can provide some healing and some hope.

To provide some powerful words and inspiration, allow me to quote from someone I've blogged about before:

"Break the silence. Use your voice."

-Arielle Lee Bair
This quote from Arielle Lee Bair is very true in multiple contexts. Especially the "use your voice" portion means a whole lot. Let me give you an example. In my high school and college days, I had to talk with counselors and psychologists to help me feel better. If talking to these people helped me feel better in my worst times, then I know full well that words can heal for anyone dealing with any sort of issue. Trouble is... people think action is ALWAYS better than words. Well- offering kind words IS an action, so don't tell me (or anybody else) that your voice and your thoughts don't mean anything. I know and understand that offering prayer and kind words aren't going to resolve issues. However, at least it is better than not saying anything and letting someone who needs help (or would appreciate sympathy/help) just have their problems go unresolved.

Bottom line is- words may not equal immediate action, but they can do a whole lot to offer peace and support. Some people use their voice to hate on people and say demeaning things to people. Well, why not use your same voice and offer kindness and help to those who may need it? It's not like you can only say bad things to people. Your words can help. I just get upset at times when people think words can't be as helpful as providing action. There are truly situations where legitimate action is more powerful than even the kindest of words and prayer. But for the most part, words are just as helpful as legitimate action in most cases.

Be helpful- use your voice. Use your words. Words heal. Thank you for reading!

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lexi said...

words are powerful! some people don't realize :)

Haylee Mae said...

Lovely blog post.  People don't realize the power of their words. This was a really good reminder.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, but the biggest smile on my face. You're such a sweetheart :)


GlamChameleon said...

I certainly believe in the power of the words (along with the prayers) as much as I believe in the power of the thoughts.  Positive or negative. They don't say just like that in my country- "One good word can open even the iron door"!:)
Happy Saturday John, wishing u many blissful moments!

dreaminofme18 said...

so true you have no idea how much your words have helped me through some tough times 

dreaminofme18 said...

Always Maylee said...

Such a nice post and so true! Thank you again for all of YOUR nice words.

xo, Yi-chia

Gabriella Cozza said...

Lovely post, John.  I agree, words can heal and are very powerful, sometimes more so than actions.  Your kind words always make me a little happier and brighten my day. :)  

♥ Principessa

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