Monday, January 14, 2013

Big Kid!

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I'm a big kid. I'm an old teenager. I am still young and youthful even though January 15, 2013 marks my 30th birthday (dirty 30s, baby!). Remaining youthful even as you get older helps you to feel better about yourself for a long time to come. And if anything, birthdays are to be cherished and honored. Why? It's simple- you've lived a full year of life and are ready to start a new full year of your life. In essence, a birthday is like a new year celebration- only a new year of your life. And if you happen to be a "leap baby (those born on February 29)," you are... essentially a big kid.

Most people (myself included) get a bit anxious when one celebrates or will celebrate a birthday. This birthday anxiety leads to thoughts about death or things like that. Basically, one will feel like he/she is closer to death as he/she celebrates a birthday. Conversely, a birthday can trigger one's confidence to start a new full year of one's life to make the most of the year ahead. Just when you celebrate a birthday, you immediately sort of look back at how far you've come and look ahead to a hopefully positive and prospective year of your life.

I enjoy being playful and upbeat no matter what age I am or what age I will become. It is part of a personality I've taken on and adopted. You only live once- so make the most of it. Remain youthful and fun (and sometimes... a bit silly) in all that you do in life. You may be getting older, but don't let this stop you from being and feeling like a big kid. At times, I still think of myself as an old teenager rather than a guy about to be a decade away from the 40s age range. Just like the Toys R Us song goes: "I don't wanna grow up!" Reality and responsibility says that I am an adult. But really, I'm just more of a big kid rather than a grown adult. I'm still growing and still making mistakes (and learning from them).

Nothing wrong with being a big kid, an old teenager, a full-grown baby, or whatever young-old analogy you want to use!

I hope I've positively wasted your time with this blog post. Take care of yourself and thank you for reading!

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John Marine said...

Happy early birthday! Hope it's wonderful and filled with lots of laughter! I am definitely one of those people who are young at heart. :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

John Marine said...

Happy (almost) birthday!
Being young and friendly is something I hope I never grow out of either! :)
Enjoy your birthday, hope it is the best one yet!

compah-keyeke theresa said...

gosh i can see how much fun ur having. i rely love ur blog nd i was wondering if we cud follow each other??


John Marine said...

Happy Birthday John! Just wanted to stop by your blog to wish you a wonderful birthday! :) It's good to be young at heart or whatever you want to call it, I like to think I am too. I hope 30 is a great year for you! Keep doing well with your blogs and other aspects of your life too. :)


John Marine said...

My dear dear friend, wishing you happy B-day and all the best with all my heart!! I hope you will indeed stay one "big kid" forever!:) Many kisses and hugs!!!!!

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