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Sweet Words and Thoughts

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People say certain things that make you feel great inside. I don't mean just "I love you" between a couple, but imagine a guy telling a girl something like, "I couldn't have found a more beautiful and caring girl than you." Sweet words that make people feel better about themselves are what this post is all about. For the various fashion blogs I follow, a lot of them often feel humbled by the compliments I pass along regarding their fashion style. But this post isn't about that. It isn't even about me. Instead, it is about saying (and meaning) things to help others feel better about themselves.

Offering such sweet words and thoughts don't mean anything if they lack genuine and sincere qualities. You are otherwise just speaking to someone and not meaning what you say. You basically just say something to reverse one's chain of thought rather than say something to empower and encourage someone. When I reached out to bloggers I follow, one person I wrote an E-Mail to said she read my words again and again when she felt down. It goes to show that you can use your words to heal others as much as one can use words to hurt others.

Not everyone knows the right words to say to try to uplift one's spirits or show how much someone means to him/her. Even I am careful with my words, because I don't want to say something to draw negative attention, especially of those who are taken. It is a delicate balance to try to offer sweet and generous words while not offending someone- including that person. Once you do get to make the proper words and the proper statement, all is well with the world, and the person feels better about himself/herself knowing your words made that person's day. You also improve your reputation with that person.

Up now are a few examples of positive material. Some material may link to past blog posts of mine, so be sure to click on them if you find certain material interesting.

Random Sweet Words and Thoughts.

Here are a few examples of how you can brighten someone's day with kind words:

• "There may be other men/women who may be more attractive, more talented, and more capable; but you're my favorite."

• "I couldn't have asked for a better mother/father than you."

• "You make me better in my worst times and in my worst moments." For more on this topic, look at my past blog post "You Make Me Better.."

• "You can never fail me." -My mother told me this once, and I felt stronger each day being told this. That's why I included this quote in this post.

There are many more such words and thoughts that help. These were just a few examples to set the mood.

Random Positive Thoughts.

Get ready for a few positive thoughts I'll offer right away to help some of you feel a bit better...

• You may or may not be in excellent health, but you're still living. Make the most of your time and enjoy what life has to offer for you.

• You may or may not be of a healthy weight or an acceptable size. Just know that you are still handsome/beautiful regardless of your size and/or weight. For more on this specific topic, read my blog post "Love and Weight."

• Make the most of each day, even in defeat, even when down, even when short-handed.

The power of inspiration and encouragement pays high dividends.

Final Thoughts.

If there is someone you care about or love, it is best to share your admiration and respect with some kind and respectful words. Would you rather be supportive and encouraging or just sit back and not encourage the one(s) you care about? Do what you can to offer sweet and kind words. Sure- actions speak louder than words, but words can be just as powerful as any action. Use your voice and open your heart. How can you shape someone's life for the better?

Discussion Question...

Here is the discussion question for you all:

What is the kindest, sweetest, most encouraging, etc., thing you've ever been told? Was it told by a friend, family member, a loved one, or even a total stranger?

Making big text is something I've been doing lately to try to draw discussion from my audience. But anyways, feel free to respond.

That concludes another blog post on "John's Blog Space." Be sure to have a great day. Remember- saying something sweet and encouraging can help people when they are down. Never be afraid to make the day of someone respectful and honest-to-goodness. Thank you for reading!

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Beautiful post! Sweet words always make up one's day!

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