Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What More Do I Have to Do?

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We are often met with frustration. When you feel you are talented but not talented enough, you are thinking, "what more do I have to do?" How can you ever reach success when you seem so limited or have limited success? Not being good enough is something I've mentioned before. Now imagine the feeling where no matter how much you try to show improvement, you will always seem to come up short. You will always feel like something always holds you back when you could be successful. Almost as if you are banned from being successful.

As an example of questioning what more you have to do, I used to have a CafePress store under the "JohnMarineDesigns" handle. After a long time of not making anything and feeling as if none of my material would ever sell, I discontinued it. I felt like even my simple creations could never be as successful as most other people. People often give things a chance and buy into such things. Trouble is, when you're doing the same thing others are doing but with limited success, you feel as if your hardest efforts are not doing much justice. Shouldn't you have similar success as others if you are doing things not much different than others? If you are not as successful, you basically feel like you don't know what more you have to do to become any kind of success. So in other words, "why bother?"

Nothing hurts more than feeling like you can't enjoy success as much as others in your field. You can always improve your skills, but when they don't mean much, you feel like you have to work harder and harder to eventually come up with something that makes you viable and respected. What happens when even THAT fails? In the end, your best efforts doesn't result in success that others have generated. Almost as if you were never meant to be a success in life or in any field of study. You become a nobody in a somebody world. You hate yourself because you feel you can never be as good as other people no matter how hard you try. And you begin to question- "what more do I have to do?"

Sometimes, this matter is all about not having ample opportunities and chances to become something special. You are never going to be any kind of success if certain opportunities aren't given or made. Life will be better when there is a moment- even if very brief- that we all can feel like our own superstars. Life will be better when we finally get those big breaks we have worked hard for and that our transgressions and shortcomings help us to become successful. It will feel much better knowing we have reason to be happy about ourselves and our work rather than find every reason to lament the lives we've led and lament not having levels of success we know we are capable of or can make happen. Life is not fair, but it can be at least marginally enjoyable.

Think about people who work their whole lives to be great but never actually become great. Kind of like a sports team that has the best athletes but could never parlay that talent into championships. Or maybe think of athletes who never win major events. People feel relegated to mediocrity when they could be great. They work for greatness, but never achieve greatness. This feeling leads people to wondering what more they have to do to become great. Sometimes, simply not being lucky or fortunate can be a factor in wondering what more someone has to do to become successful or liked. Peoples' perceptions and expectations are also factors. How well can you tie into others' standards to where you become liked or admired? These also play factors in this matter.

In the end, what more do you have to do? It all depends on a number of factors outside of talent and hard work. You may even have to try to win peoples' respect as best as you can. If it were easy to impress others and get those big breaks, we wouldn't have to wonder what more we have to do to be successful. However, since only so many people have only so many levels of success, we often wonder just what we have to do to be successful. Continually trying harder than we normally would just leads to frustration. While frustration can make us stronger, it also caps us from really being anything great. So we can try only too hard to where we don't reach a breaking point of giving up and having to accept failure. Failure is acceptable, but constant failure ends up being redundant and can put a damper on us really becoming better than what we could be. If only we can be great without having to question everything in life and question how to actually achieve greatness, our society and our world will be a much better place.

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