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Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts

John Marine | 5/20/2011 09:20:00 PM |
(UPDATED: June 16, 2015)

Back in late December 2009, I made a blog about maxi dresses. I have now deleted that post with this new one, and included maxi skirts to the discussion. There was a time when long dresses and skirts weren't considered fashionable. It was always about minis and short skirts. Maxi dresses and skirts beautifully drape and flare to almost princess-like dresses and skirts. Their beautifully long lengths make for comfortable and airy skirts/dresses to wear. As with some garments, some are so versatile that they can be worn with casual shoes in the daytime, then can be worn with dressy shoes for a night out.

Get ready for some maxi love in this blog post! I'll mostly discuss maxi dresses for the most part, but I will still make mention to maxi skirts.

Latest Update:

JUN 16 2015: several edits

--- Why Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts? ---

I've always thought that dresses were dead among most femmes, or at least non-formal dresses. The arrival of maxi dresses shows that dresses ARE still being worn and not just relegated to formal functions. The beauty and appeal to maxi dresses pertains to the flowing and drapey appeal to these. They are dresses which flare out beautifully and dramatically. Some of the loveliest dresses make you feel like a princess or a goddess. What stylish girl or woman wouldn't want to feel like either a princess or a goddess? Here's a maxi dress for you:

ecoSkin elm maxi dress
^ from: - the beautiful Elm maxi dress from eco-friendly designer, EcoSkin.

I've seen this in a better color- kind of a navy blue color. What I've loved most about this one is how lovely the dress is designed. This dress is quintessential of day-to-night chic. Most maxi dresses are day-to-night chic. Trade flip-flops/thongs in the daytime for a sweet pair of pumps or strappy sandals for the night. The most silky maxi dresses have that all-day versatility. For a cute touch (and to stay warm on cooler days), you can just go with a cropped jacket or a bolero for some extra style.

maxi skirt
^ from: - a maxi skirt.

To compliment maxi dresses, maxi skirts have become fashionable lately. As anyone would know, skirts of any kind are more versatile since you can pair them with any number of tops or what-have-you. Maxi skirts are no different in styling compared to maxi dresses. These are long skirts you can wear to wear some casual or dressy shoes or sandals. If you prefer sneakers with maxi skirts, they are fine too.

--- Disadvantages of Maxi Dresses? ---

One of the criticisms that I read about maxi dresses is that they don't accentuate the curves of a female's body. If anything, this is a dress that can be confidently be worn if you can't confidently wear a long dress. I really love these and seeing these long dresses. They flow beautifully and look great.

--- Footwear with Maxi Dresses ---

Because I think warm weather, I'd almost exclusively go with sandals. Basic flip-flops/thong sandals would be more than appropriate. Gladiator sandals are perfectly fine. Pumps are also fine for maxi-dresses whether day or night. One article in Teen Vogue which featured some teen girls wearing these with Chuck Taylor-style sneakers. I'm not really a fan of long dresses with sneakers. But if you feel comfortable with them, go right ahead.

In fact, here is a picture to show you a maxi dress worn with sneakers:

maxi dress Converse
^ from: - a young lady wearing a maxi dress with Converse sneakers.

I've read that maxi dresses with sneakers are popular among Scandinavian fashion bloggers. Maxi dress wearers I usually see pair them with sandals, usually gladiator sandals. Fashion bloggers (which I will make mention to later) usually go with some platform wedges (pumps and sandals) to go with maxis.

--- Maxi Dresses and Skirts Around the Blogosphere ---

As you may know in my recent edits of fashion blog posts, I like to show you posts from around the blogosphere (mostly here on Blogger/Blogspot). So I'll be here to share some fashionable ladies maximizing their beauty with maxi dresses and/or skirts. Why am I doing this? Insight. Gain some insight and inspiration from fashion bloggers based on this topic. You are free to follow any blogs that you see that may be of interest to you.

To prevent any possible copyright deals, I will only post links and describe looks as best as I can.

Maxi Inspiration: My Silk Fairytale.

Relatively new to blogging, the beautiful Alina from the Southeastern Europe nation of Romania (north of Bulgaria) wears a popping magenta maxi skirt with a black top. To toughen up an otherwise lovely look, Alina goes with a tough jacket to add some edge. Watch as this Romanian beauty maximizes her loveliness in two different outfits. (UPDATE: Aug. 1, 2011) I edited this section to include a must-see look.

Alina wears a beautiful maxi dress in "Same Characters, Different Story" on My Silk Fairytale, and she wears a lovely maxi skirt in "Three Ways to Wear It" (Maxi Skirt) on My Silk Fairytale.

Maxi Inspiration: My Own Private Xanadu.

Xiomara shows some maxi chic with a lovely casual maxi dress. This sweet petite shows sweet smile while sporting some Jessica Simpson "Dany" platform sandals. In addition to a lovely maxi dress, she goes with a cute cropped denim jacket to finish the look. Xiomara gets her shine on in "Maxi Hues for Monday Blues" on My Own Private Xanadu.

Maxi Inspiration: spoken love song.

From my blog post about having confidence in wearing dresses, I made mention to this post. Luu of "spoken love song" shows some love in a maxi dress with some Converse sneakers. It is a comfortable and casual gray maxi dress paired with Converse sneakers. Check out "seventeen" on spoken love song.

Maxi Inspiration: Curvy Girl Chic.

Allison maximized her beauty with a tough jacket and some lace-up sandals in an April 2011 post. Be sure to check out this curvy cutie's style in a sheer maxi dress in "i will take you in" on Curvy Girl Chic.

Maxi Inspiration: Principessa Gabriella.

I could find only one post from the beautiful Gabriella to feature here. She wore a maxi dress as part of many beautiful floral maxi dress with a cute pair of thong sandals. It is a white dress with alternating tiers of floral designs. You'll have to scroll down to see Gabriella rock her maxi dress, but Gabriella showcases her beautiful style in MANY ways in her blog post, "Goodbye Summer: My Favorite Summer Outfits of 2010" on Principessa Gabriella.

Maxi Inspiration: i am Khatu.

A maxi dress can appear overbearing for a petite. The 4'11" Vietnamese beauty Khatu, however, shows some maxi chic (and beautifully) while on a vacation. "I fed the tarpon" on i am Khatu features a beautiful dress that makes this young petite goddess.

Maxi Inspiration: cute and little.

Because "cute and little" couldn't be a better set of words to describe herself, Kileen (pronounced "kai-leen") wears a beautiful long maxi dress with some lovely floral prints. The cute and little petite blogger looks like a princess in "Maxi-ed Out" on cute and little.

Maxi Inspiration: keiko lynn.

The maxi dress Keiko Lynn wears in this featured blog post is girly-meets-tough. A leather jacket toughens up an otherwise girly look. Enjoy this lovely look from Keiko Lynn in "mess in a dress" on keiko lynn.

Maxi Inspiration: Miss Kwong.

Class is in session, and Miss Kwong teaches a sweet lesson in maxi dress style. The beautiful teacher from Hong Kong sports a look that is just as beautiful for a night out as it is for her to wear in the daytime. Even the high-heel pumps she wears make this look even more enticing. Let this teacher teach you how to style a maxi dress in "Black Maxi" on From Catwalk to Classroom/Miss Kwong.

Maxi Inspiration: beautie chips.

Had it not been for this post, I wouldn't have known of Mio's blog, beautie chips. She is an absolute cutie sporting a black maxi dress, some wedge sandals, and a straw hat. Her post's name says it all- "a maxi dress addiction." on beautie chips.

Maxi Inspiration: BARESTUDY.

Janelle maximized her style with a beautiful and popular maxi dress. She shows her style wearing a beautiful H and M maxi dress along with some lovely sandals. See this young fashion princess become a queen in "Maxi Dress 2" on BARESTUDY.

Maxi Inspiration: Koltunovskaya.

(ADDED: September 14, 2011) A maxi skirt and a maxi dress will be featured here. A young blogger named Natalie is the creator of the Blogspot blog, "Koltunovskaya." Two blog posts of hers will feature her wearing two different maxis. First off, this young beauty shows her maxi chic in a lovely maxi dress along with a nice pair of sandals. Have a look at her lovely maxi dress by visiting "maxi dress." on Koltunovskaya. In an older blog post, she wore a maxi skirt. This maxi skirt is white with some floral cut outs to it. Her top and accessories help make this maxi skirt look lovely. See for yourself at "maxi skirt." on Koltunovskaya.

Maxi Inspiration: lookbook and chictopia

These are just search results using "maxi dress" and "maxi skirt" on both Lookbook and Chictopia. These include many different maxi dress and skirt looks from various ladies of many ages. Here are multiple inspirations:

There are many inspirations for you all. Thanks for reading, and I want to salute the blogs I found and linked to for this post! More may be featured in future edits.

If you love maxi dresses, be sure to wear them proudly and beautifully. Here are some maxi dresses that I like when browsing around Amazon. I would appreciate if if you find a maxi dress or maxi skirt you like on Amazon. You may either check out some of the ones below (click on them to learn more about anything or to buy anything). Sizes are for Women's sizes and/or Juniors sizes:

...or, you may search for all things maxi dress and maxi skirt on Amazon:

For Maxi Dresses:

For Maxi Skirts:

(ADDED: July 11, 2012)
Do you prefer ShopStyle to shop for maxi skirts and maxi dresses? I can help you here:

For maxi skirts on Shopstyle:

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Again, I would appreciate it if you find something in my blog posts that interest you. I'm just giving back to my loyal readers with relevant items. So please, help yourself! :D

That concludes this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

 I love maxi skirts and dresses, especially in the spring/summer.  I'll be wearing a bunch of them this summer, they're very comfy and cute.  I'm also loving midi skirts lately too.  Thanks for including my blog :)

John B. Marine said...

Thank you so much for the feature John!It means a lot to me!I love maxis but I m having some problems finding the right length for me. I still girls still wear a lot of dresses, especially during summer.Have a great Weekend!:) 

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