Thursday, October 13, 2011

DeltaWing Racing

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By now, you racing fans may have seen the radical concepts put forth by Indianapolis, IN, USA-based DeltaWing Racing Cars. This company produced racing prototypes that seem very unusual. Some of their concepts seem more like WipEout ships than your average racing car. DeltaWing was one of the first to come up with concepts for the future design of 2012 Indy cars for the IndyCar Series. Apart from the IndyCar Series, DeltaWing took their interests to sportscar racing with an interesting prototype to be driven on Michelin rubber.

If you have ever seen the DeltaWing prototype, I have one tremendous fear about its design- what happens if one of these DeltaWing cars spins out and gets T-boned by another car around where the driver sits? Most formula racing cars have side pods that would suppress a good deal of damage if in the event of a T-bone crash. This here would be catastrophic the way the car is designed.

Here is some material for your viewing/reading pleasure:

DeltaWing Le Mans concept
^ from: (hyperlink points to article I got this picture from) - The DeltaWing concept car. Catch it at the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans.

DeltaWing Le Mans 24 Hour in 2012 Technical Features

Released long ago, here is a simulation video of the DeltaWing Le Mans racing concept:

Now I sincerely doubt this car will handle like it does in this video, especially the way the front wheels are made. This car would be a perfect candidate for anti-gravity racing if you just get rid of the wheels and just use some thrusters. You would have to drive this DeltaWing MUCH differently. Driving this thing would almost be like trying to ride a motorcycle.

Also, how would you set up a car like this for any given number of tracks? For example, let's say this car would run on every track in Formula One (or almost every track) or the Le Mans Series. How would you set this car up for each track? It would be absolutely insane trying to pilot this car while also trying to get it to handle properly around each course.

I'd like to credit DeltaWing Racing for coming up with these concepts. I have more questions than answers as to how these unusually-designed cars will function in today's racing world. I want to salute DeltaWing Racing if they happen to read my blog post here.

To learn more about DeltaWing Racing, please visit What do you make of DeltaWing's concepts? Thank you for reading!

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