Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reuniting With Old Friends

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Reuniting with an old friend. Getting the gang back together. Getting the crew back together. Getting the band back together. There is nothing better than reconnecting with old friends and former classmates. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of doing so is in how people can still honor and remember you even years down the road. Personally, this is one of the reasons why I'm on Myspace and Facebook- trying to revisit as many past people from my life. Of course, there's the saying about how past friends are forgotten for a reason. I usually try not to forget anyone. That is, unless there's someone in my past who I WANT to forget.

Any time you re-connect with a past friend or former classmate, memories follow. You begin to remember what somebody was like then compared to now. Many of my past friends have been married and/or had children since I last saw them. Some even look radically different from when I've known them back then. It is always interesting to see where people are today compared to when you known them in the past. Some people, unfortunately, may have passed away or have been killed. That is a time when you honor a past friend who is deceased.

People who still remember you and care about you even today are people you will remember for the rest of your life. This means that you've touched someone in a way that they have the utmost respect for you even for a long time to come. As long as they don't do you wrong or that you don't do them wrong, you have some friends for life. Simply reuniting with past friends is a great feeling. Imagine being happy to see someone from your past who still remembers and cares about you. It just feels great knowing someone still remembers and respects you, even if not right away.

How do you feel about reuniting with old friends? Feel free to share comments below. Thank you for reading! If you want to hear and see my commentary on reuniting with old friends, please check out my video:

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John B. Marine said...

Interesting post, this recently happened to me. I spoke with an old friend for a while and it made my day a little better. :)

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