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ZARA "I Basic" Sandals

John Marine | 5/22/2012 12:53:00 PM |
(UPDATED: July 25, 2012)

Basically, ZARA's I Basic sandals are becoming the new "it" sandals. No- they are called the I Basic sandal. Okay. So maybe these sandals won't win any style points for having a unique name. However, they've become trendy among lots of fashion bloggers lately. I am no stranger to devoting entire posts to a pair of shoes. This blog post highlights on the popular I Basic sandals from ZARA. Will you ladies sport these sandals as part of your warm weather outfits? This blog post is all about ZARA's anything-but-basic I Basic sandals.

I had initially named this post as just the Basic sandals. However, I learned the name of them is "I Basic." So I had to change the title and make several edits. What you are reading about, then, are the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA.

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JUL 25 2012 - made a few simple edits, added an extra section linking to my StyleSpace blog

--- ZARA "I Basic" Sandals ---

Why don't we meet I Basic? Get to know her:

ZARA I Basic sandals
^ from: www.polyvore.com - The Basic sandals from ZARA have become popular lately. Do you like these?

What kind of girl is I Basic? Well, she wouldn't appreciate being called "basic." Basic usually means... you know- nothing too special. I Basic probably would say that while "Basic" is part of her name, there's nothing boring or average about her. She doesn't believe in being overbearingly chic. I Basic is more about offering simplistic chic while not being bombarded with many details.

The I Basic sandals from ZARA, then, are as basic as they get. They are essentially slide sandals with a covered backside and secured by an ankle strap. These sandals aren't adorned with spikes or studs. The only detail to these sandals is the metallic buckle securing them around the ankles. Basic in design and style, but not basic to where they are boring.

"I Basic" Details.

Here are the details on these sandals:

• 4.33-inch (11-centimeter) heels
• 100% polyester upper
• lining is 40% polyurethane and 60% polyester
• 100% rubber sole
• available either in one color or in two-tone
• in these sizes (US Women's sizes): 6, 6.5, 7.5, 8, 9, 10

The US ZARA site says these shoes retail for about $49.90 US Dollars. The UK ZARA site retails these sandals at 29.99 GB Pounds. So as opposed to some of my past posts on certain shoes, these are somewhat inexpensive.

(ADDED: June 5, 2012)
According to things I've read online, ZARA shoes don't run true to size. So those of you with half sizes may want to go one size up. Remember- this is based on what I've read. Don't take this as professional advice. I'm just going on things I've read online.

--- ZARA "I Basic" Around the Blogosphere and Online ---

Want to see these sandals being worn by ladies across the blogosphere? All of these featured bloggers are here on the Blogger/Blogspot platform. So you are free to visit their blogs and add them to your list of followed blogs. Now let's see the "I Basic" sandals being worn and styled!

"I Basic" Inspiration: Song of Style.

The first inspiration is fueled by one Aimee Song. The highlight of the post I'm featuring is supposed to be on the neon jacket she wears, but this is your first look at the "I Basic" sandals from ZARA. Take a look and enjoy: Touches of Neon - Song of Style.

Believe it or not, when I was looking for posts to feature, Song of Style featured a recent post showcasing her wearing the ZARA "I Basic" sandals in another post. So consider this a bonus link! "Lacey Tail" - Song of Style

"I Basic" Inspiration: My Silk Fairytale.

Alina wears a pair of multi-colored ZARA "I Basic" sandals as part of her outfit here. The Romanian beauty showcases a modest flash of midriff from her knotted blouse and her lovely A-line skirt. Her footwear? She wears a pair of multi-color ZARA "I Basic" sandals, which you can see here: "Desperate Housewife" - My Silk Fairytale.

"I Basic" Inspiration: Maytedoll.

Mayte's beauty is anything but basic. Her beauty sparkles like stars. She pops with beauty. In one of her more recent posts, Mayte is star-struck while providing a pop of color. Her sandals, however, are the "I Basic" sandals in a basic black color. Mayte rocks her ZARA "I Basic" sandals here: "star print and yellow jeans" - Maytedoll.

These are the ones that came to mind immediately. I may add more links if I can find more posts of the bloggers themselves actually wearing these sandals.

--- ZARA "I Basic" Sandals: My Thoughts ---

I have seen the ZARA "I Basic" sandals in one color and in multiple colors. These sandals are surely attention-grabbing. These high-heel sandals surely seem to go well with a number of different outfits. They will easily turn heads with a lovely dress or skirt outfit. A pair of jeans or pants with decent-width pant legs will also serve you well sporting the "I Basic" sandals. While I am not as excited about the boyfriend look, these can easily go with a good pair of boyfriend jeans. Maybe since I am so used to platforms and wedges, I don't usually get as turned on about certain simple non-platform shoes. These sandals still will serve any fashionable lady well.

It seems like these ZARA "I Basic" sandals are really becoming popular. They may end up being the next "it" sandals if more fashionistas become drawn to these sandals. The "Basic" sandals may get to be as popular as the Jessica Simpson "Dany" or the Jeffrey Campbell "Snick" sandals as far as sandals are concerned. With the "I Basic" sandals' cost and their style, it is easy to see that they can be a hit. Whether or not you ladies would sport these sandals is your call. Inexpensive footwear that can deliver priceless style can be a serious plus to any female's wardrobe.

What do YOU think about these "I Basic" sandals? Feel free to share your thoughts in this post.

I tried to find these sandals on Amazon for you. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any for you all. You may shop for these by visiting ZARA's website. This link takes you to the international site, so find your country/region you're from. Shop for the "I Basic" sandals if you loved this blog post by clicking these links:

ZARA International (choose your country or region when you visit)
ZARA "Basic" sandal in Black (ZARA - North America)
ZARA "Basic" sandal in two-tone (ZARA - North America) « three colors available
ZARA "I Basic" sandal in Black (ZARA - United Kingdom)
ZARA "I Basic" sandal in two-tone (ZARA - United Kingdom) « three colors available

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marina miouprincess said...

these are great, I like both the black ones and the various colour block editions.The only reason I didn't buy them too,is that I see them literally in EVERY blog! they've become very popular indeed! love your shoe posts! :)

dreaminofme18 said...

I wasn't a fan of them but yeah tooooo many bloggers have them now. I love being unique.

GlamChameleon said...

I love them, they're pretty shoes with stable heel! But I prefer the colored pieces!:) However I haven't got them as I saw the same ones on many blogs... I just love to be a bit different!:)
Happy Wednesday John!!

John Marine said...

I like these shoes, but my feet are too small to fill out the back part!  Thanks again for always leaving such sweet comments and showing your support! :)

xo, Yi-chia

John Marine said...

Do you know if they run small? I want to buy these too but im usually a 7 1/2 ..should i go for that size or up to an 8??

John Marine said...

Do they run true to size? im a 7 1/2 should i go up for a size 8 i heard they run small??

John Marine said...

According to something I read online, it's probably best you go one size up. I have no experience with any sort of shoes. I just blog about them. :) But it's probably best to go one size up based on some things I've read online.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

John Marine said...

Those are gorgeous shoes, I love the two toned ones, so cute! :) You're really making me want new shoes...ha.


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