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Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel is best known either as Topanga on "Boy Meets World," or as the host of the late Style Network show, "The Dish." Either way, the native of Mesa, Arizona, USA is a bubbly and fun personality. This blog post takes a look at this unique personality.

Before I Begin...

The date of this original blog post (May 5) is her birthday, so Happy birthday, Danielle Fishel! :)

Danielle Fishel

Here is the beauty from the Grand Canyon State:

Danielle Fishel
^ from: (Twitter) - Oh, look! It's Danielle Fishel! It's Topanga!

A little girl named Danielle Christine Fishel was brought into the world on May 5, 1981 in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Little Danielle would grow up to become an accomplished actress as well as a successful TV show host. Many people know her best as Topanga on the hit sitcom "Boy Meets World." I would follow (and love) her as host of "The Dish" on the Style Network. No matter how you came across Danielle Fishel, she is funny and bubbly. In my research of this topic, I learned she's a petite- 5'1". So to you petite ladies reading this blog post... Danielle is one of your fellow petites!

"The Dish" Retrospective.

Because I know her in "The Dish" than I do in "Boy Meets World," let me just say I began to appreciate Danielle Fishel's personality and charm on "The Dish." The Dish was a show that offered funny takes on some of the most interesting bits in entertainment and in fashion. As Style Network was running out of shows that highlighted on fashion, it was refreshing to see this show each weekend. The one thing I hated was that the show was moved to a certain time slot I felt I wouldn't be able to see regularly. So the sinking ship of Style Network had The Dish as its saving grace. Danielle Fishel was a wonderful host of a wonderful show.

For those who may remember some of my past posts, I included Danielle Fishel among the Mountain beauties of my American Beauties posts.

Danielle Fishel in Videos

Here are a few videos of Danielle Fishel. Get a feel for her quirky personality:

• Here is a look at Danielle Fishel's book:

^ Danielle Fishel's Normally, This Would be Cause for Concern

• This is a live interview Danielle Fishel was given:

^ Danielle Fishel (Topanga) Today Show Interview | LIVE 9-8-14

• I have NEVER seen "Boy Meets World," but I have to provide SOMETHING to show Danielle as Topanga as a big part of this post and a big part of her personality. So I am featuring this video:

^ Boy Meets World- Cory and Topanga's (almost) first time | The Honeymooners

• Here is some of her humor, especially from "The Dish." I loved this show on Style Network:

^ "When Bad Fashion Happens To Good Celebrities - The Dish"

In case you're wondering, I made mention of The Dish in my "StyleSpace by JBM" blog post called "Remembering Style Network." A link to that post will be included later in this blog post.

Honestly... how can you NOT love Danielle Fishel?

Danielle Fishel: Final Thoughts

I think Danielle Fishel is not only lovely in looks, but also in personality. She isn't going to blow you away with a bodacious body or have any brash personality. However, she will astound you with her unique and quirky personality. The demise of Style Network meant it was sad to see "The Dish" go. I loved watching that show and what Danielle brought to it.

If Danielle is Reading This...

I have great respect for you and your work. Best of luck to you in all of you endeavors.

Would I Like to Meet Danielle (if given the chance)?

Absolutely! Especially after praising her on various levels, I'd surely would like to meet Danielle Fishel.

For More Information...

Here are some ways to get social with Danielle Fishel:

Danielle Fishel's official page
Danielle Fishel on Facebook
Danielle Fishel on Twitter
Danielle Fishel on Instagram

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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And that's it for this blog post.

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