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If "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," chicken is certainly the way to mine. The taste of chicken is undeniable with its distinct flavor. There are many ways to enjoy these delicious birds. This blog post will probably make you all hungry, so read at your own risk. :) Anyhow... if you're a fan of chicken, this is your post. If you're a vegetarian, a vegan, or some sort of animal activist, you're probably going to hate this blog post. This is my contribution to chicken. It is a general post regarding chicken.

For my international readers, most of the individual chains and stores I make mention to are here in the United States. So don't worry if you've never heard of any of these places I may make mention to. That is... unless there are also international chains for these stores and restaurants. Of course, making international connections is always a special part of my blogging work.

Anyhow, let's go! I have a blog post to wow you with (or hope I wow you with)!

--- Chicken ---

Chicken is very delicious. Many people often enjoy fried chicken and (of course) chicken wings. Many others are familiar with chicken nuggets from McDonald's. People usually enjoy chicken from fast food restaurants such as Popeye's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Chick-Fil-A. According to Wikipedia, the chicken's origin comes from the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago.

Learn more about chicken on Wikipedia:

Chicken (animal) on Wikipedia
Chicken (food) on Wikipedia

Health Concerns About Chicken.

There are two things to be careful of with chicken. First off, be careful not to serve raw chicken. And on the health front, eating chicken can be harmful if you have a lot of cholesterol. So you may want to limit your intake of chicken if you are battling cholesterol.

Famous Chicken Stories.

Another infamous bit of chicken fondness comes from one of the most popular stories on The Maury Show, whereas one woman felt her boyfriend was cheating on her thanks to another woman cooking up chicken tetrazzini. Whoever thought cooking up chicken dinner leads to cheating allegations?

Recently in sports, Sergio Garcia made some insensitive comments regarding Tiger Woods, saying he'd serve him fried chicken. The golfer answered this question when asked if he would invite Tiger Woods over for dinner. Such a comment certainly was insensitive and wasn't taken well by people.

Can you think of any other chicken-related stories that stick out at you? I just named a few to get this blog post going.

Fried or Grilled?

Most people usually eat fried chicken. Grilled chicken may lack the crunchy taste of fried chicken, but grilled chicken is actually better for you. You even see grilled chicken used as toppings for food and even as their own meals. On any normal day, though, I usually prefer fried chicken for the crispy skin and the juicy chicken meat.

Now that I introduced you to chicken, let's move on to various chicken foods and other ways chicken is enjoyed.

--- The Many Tastes of Chicken ---

One bird, many ways to enjoy eating this bird. Here are some of many ways. Many of these pictures were the best ones I could find for each item. I may find replacement images in case there are images I can't use due to copyright, etc. Anyhow, come and get your chicken inspiration:

Chicken Nuggets.

chicken nuggets
^ from: - Chicken nuggets.

The simplest way to enjoy chicken is with chicken nuggets. What is great about chicken nuggets is that you can enjoy them without having to worry about accidentally eating any chicken bones. The most popular nuggets are Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's. Other different fast food chains offer their own chicken nuggets. Only other company famous for their chicken nuggets is Wendy's. They are the best way to enjoy chicken without having to worry about trying not to eat bones or any other seemingly tough part of a chicken.

Chicken Wings.

chicken wings
^ from: - Who doesn't love chicken wings?

Most people associate with chicken wings as their favorite way to enjoy chicken. Chicken wings are very popular to have along with meals. There are a lot of different wing types ranging from basic wings to drumsticks, and ranging from boned to boneless. Various flavors for wings include lemon pepper, garlic Parmesan, barbeque, and more. Various restaurants and eateries offer their own spin and their own flavors for chicken wings. Popular restaurants (at least here in the United States) for serving chicken wings include Hooters, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Wingstop. Certain other restaurant franchises offer chicken wings as sides, such as Domino's Pizza.

When talking about wings, a lot of people have choices with condiments for chicken wings. I prefer ranch dressing. Some wings are good without needing to dip them in certain sauces. So it really depends. I also tend to prefer drumstick wings just to avoid having to eat around extra bones of an average chicken wing. But, that's just me.

JUST CURIOUS... do you prefer boned wings or boneless wings?

Chicken Strips and Chicken Tenders.

chicken strips and/or chicken tenders
^ from: - Chicken strips and chicken tenders are very filling.

I personally enjoy chicken strips and chicken tenders, especially with country gravy. The strips/tenders themselves are usually tasty and filling. The country gravy just makes them taste even better. Besides country gravy, another good condiment for chicken strips/tenders is honey mustard.

Rotisserie Chicken.

rotisserie chicken
^ from: - Rotisserie chicken offers up the full bird and may be seasoned or grilled extensively for a delicious eating experience.

Why enjoy individual parts of an already-prepared chicken when you can enjoy a full chicken prepared wonderfully (and maybe with some extra herbs and seasoning)? Rotisserie chicken lets you enjoy the whole bird (minus its head and neck, of course). Grocery stores and some restaurants sell rotisserie chicken. Sometimes, my family would get a garlic herb rotisserie chicken from Kroger stores here in the States. It is very tasty both with the skin and with the delicious garlic herbs. Boston Market here in the United States offers rotisserie chicken among the many meals the restaurant chain offers.

Chicken Breast Sandwiches and Wraps.

I enjoy chicken sandwiches the most personally, and I tend to enjoy chicken breast the most. Among my favorite chicken sandwich is usually a grilled chicken breast sandwich with honey mustard, lettuce, and maybe some bacon as well. Many different chains and restaurants have their own chicken sandwich offerings ranging from fast food chicken sandwiches to delicious grilled chicken sandwiches served at restaurants and cafes. No matter what, they hit the spot just about all the time.

Besides these sandwiches, there are deli-type sandwiches that have chicken in them. Deli sandwiches with chicken include offerings from Subway and Quiznos. Some grocery stores even offer freshly-prepared chicken sandwiches. In addition to sandwiches, deli wraps with chicken are also offered.

Chicken as Toppings.

chicken toppings
^ from: - Chicken can be good as toppings rather than by their lonesome..

Meals and other food items can be made tastier by adding chicken. Here are some of many different foods when chicken is added to them:

• Adding chicken to salad is not a bad way to enjoy light eating. Sometimes when having salad at home, I microwave a chicken fillet and then chop it up to add to salad for my own chicken salad. It is a great way to enjoy salad. Of course, I add some ranch dressing and some shredded cheese, because those two items (chicken notwithstanding) are how I enjoy salad.

• There are also meals which use chicken, such as pastas with chicken. I reviewed the chicken pasta offered by Pizza Hut here on "John's Blog Space" a long time ago.

• Some pizzas offered by pizzerias have some pizzas that are adorned with chicken. Such examples include various chicken pizzas from Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, and other pizza chains.

Can you think of any other meals that have chicken toppings?

These are among many ways to enjoy chicken. There are many more, but I didn't want to include more because I'm sure I'll just make you even more hungry. :)

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Read on if you want more of this post!

--- Restaurant Chicken ---

Various fast food chains will be mentioned here with my own comments regarding their chicken offerings. These are all just random musings from me regarding chicken. Have a look (click on the headings to visit their official website- mostly intended for my American audience):


Usually, my two favorites are Popeye's and Kentucky Fried Chicken. A "bucket of birds" usually consists of drumsticks, some breasts, and wings. These usually have some good side orders offered. I usually love Popeye's biscuits as well as their dirty rice and cole slaw.

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

What makes Kentucky Fried Chicken so good is the secret recipe that just makes their chicken absolutely delicious.

From KFC, I often enjoy their chicken along with their macaroni and cheese and even with cole slaw. Not really into their biscuits as I am with Popeye's, but they are good enough. Just add butter with their biscuits, and you're good to go (at least for me). I also enjoy KFC's Famous Bowls. A few times, I sampled KGC- Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Their grilled chicken is just as good as their fried offerings. Only of course, I prefer KFC.

In my youth, I remembered having their Chicken Littles. I loved those! My time in college included having some of KFC's Snackers. I think the one I liked the most was an Ultimate Cheese Snacker. There was another one I liked which name fails me. Those were great as well.

The only chicken I disapproved of KFC was their infamous Double Down sandwich. This was a chicken sandwich that did away with bread and instead featured two pieces of chicken as sandwich meat. I was disgusted KFC would even come up with a chicken offering such as that. If you're interested in reading my thoughts on the Double Down sandwich, here is a very old blog post I did: "KFC's Double Down" (John's Blog Space).

One time on YouTube, I saw a video of the KFC Zinger offered in Australia. That looked pretty good. It would probably be something I'd enjoy if I were in Australia.


"Eat mor chikin!"

-the slogan for Chick-Fil-A

Besides Popeye's and KFC, I am BIG on Chick-Fil-A. I have had some of their nuggets and strips and their basic chicken sandwiches. I usually have a simple chicken sandwich from them. All this sandwich has is a delicious piece of their chicken and some pickles. As simple a sandwich as it is, it's still great-tasting. Just because a sandwich is dry and plain doesn't mean it lacks being tasty. After all, they say that "we didn't make the chicken, just the chicken sandwich."


One of my recent favorite chicken meals has been the chicken teriyaki bowls from Jack-in-the-Box. These bowls are healthy and filling. Featured are pieces of chicken covered in teriyaki sauce in a bowl filled with white rice. The chicken and rice are complimented with chopped carrots and broccoli for a filling and tasty meal. For some reason, the combo meal for this includes an egg roll.


The chicken offerings from McDonald's are plenty.

You can always enjoy Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's. Only questions are- how many and with what kind of sauce? I've had McNuggets with items ranging from BBQ sauce to honey. I rarely get McNuggets anymore. Usually, I'd have them with honey.

I remember when McDonald's offered a pack of chicken strips called Chicken Selects. You could order three or five of them along with your choice of sauce. I usually would get their ranch dressing to go with those. That ranch dressing they offer tastes GREAT with those Chicken Selects!

I usually find myself eating their Ranch BLT sandwiches. The Ranch BLT sandwich is offered either with crispy chicken or grilled chicken. As the name of the sandwich suggests, the chicken is complimented with ranch dressing, bacon, and tomatoes.

Recently advertised by McDonald's are the Premium Chicken McWraps. They are offered with grilled or crispy chicken, and they come in three varieties: chicken and bacon, sweet chili chicken, and chicken and ranch.

There are other chicken choices for chicken lovers including a basic McChicken sandwich, a spicy McChicken sandwich, Club Chicken sandwiches, and more.


Around my way is the Whataburger chain. They offer a Whatachicken sandwich, but I REALLY love their chicken strip sandwich called the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. The Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich is a sandwich either on Texas toast or a bun. It has two slices of Monterey Jack cheese with three chicken strips covered in BBQ sauce. The end result is one tasty chicken sandwich. It is one of the "All-Time Favorites" for Whataburger and for good reason. Trust me.


In the past, I had their Cold Cut Combo. These days, I basically have enjoyed their Chicken Bacon Ranch Melt. I would have one with toasted bread and bacon. Lettuce and pickles are also part of the sandwich for me.


I would normally get Quiznos mesquite chicken sandwich. These sandwiches are filling and tasty.

Olive Garden.

I once remember having chicken marsala from Olive Garden. I usually love Olive Garden for their delicious breadsticks along with that creamy alfredo sauce, but I don't recall what I would eat as a meal at Olive Garden.

Was that enough for you?

--- Chicken: Final Thoughts ---

This blog post was basically a celebration of chicken and how good it tastes. This is personally my favorite kind of food. There are many ways to enjoy chicken and many different ways to make delicious chicken meals and dinners. No matter what, we owe it all to one bird that tastes so good no matter how you prepare it- the chicken. I hope this blog post has given you plenty of insight on and appreciation of chicken as a delicious meal or as tasty toppings.

Cross-Promotion/Other Reading.

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I hope you all have enjoyed your time here.

--- Chicken Resources ---

This post did not include any recipes or anything; I basically let proper foodies share their chicken recipes. Where can you find some chicken recipes? This section may definitely help you. Please visit any link(s) that may interest you:

Chicken Recipes on Food Network
Chicken Recipes on
Cooking Light chicken recipes Chicken Recipes
Taste of Home Chicken Recipes

I may add more if I find more links and also depending upon interest from my readers.

That will conclude this blog post. Enjoy your chicken meals and thank you for reading!

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